World Changer Extraordinaire

Discovering the place of rest in the palm of the Father leads to an outpouring of love that surpasses all understanding. 

I am ever indebted to the Lord and to your faithfulness to enable me to attend the recent Soaking School in Toronto. I experienced the Father like never before at the Conference.

I never knew a dad because mine had been an alcoholic and died when I was 9 of an accident at his work. My mother was left with 7 children and one on the way, which meant that the oldest of us had to grow up quickly and become surrogate parents ourselves. My desire to come to the Soaking School was born out of something I said to Daddy while contemplating coming.

“Jesus? I know I have felt your ever-loving arms around me but I would just like to know what it is like to have a ‘people’ dad.” Aside from my adoring husband, I have never been comfortable with nor felt safe around men.

I was amazed then at the conference when two men, along with their wives on the prayer team seemed to take a special interest in praying for me. The couples became like guardians. Everywhere I went, it seemed, one of them would just show up, grab my food bill and insist on paying it.

The Spirit filled me to such capacity that week as I was taught to pray for people.

At first I was afraid, but I ministered to several people as they came to me. During the one evening that we were soaking people on the lines, there was a lady pastor who brought a string of young girls to me for ministry.

Without thinking, the love of Jesus came so heavy and the burden for them was so great that the Spirit of the Lord spoke very positive and beautiful words into their hearts, to each one a different word according to where she was in her life.

I could feel the healing presence of Jesus flowing to each one.

I was not only able to receive the Father’s love myself, but I was able to minister in the way I have been created to. At the end of the conference when it was time to go home, I had two $100.00 American bills pressed into my hand by one of the prayer team “dads” and he disappeared.

When I came home, I knew that money was not for me. It wasn’t long before the Lord gave me compassion for a penniless woman who had lost her job. She is going to be working at the Dominion Outreach Center in Ottawa.

Every cent that was covered for me last week was sown back into the kingdom. We became yearly World Changers but will be giving on top of that I know. I have been watching my soaking kit DVDs. The more I listen to John and Carol the more I am growing to love them. I just love the special spirit of humility that they carry.

On Monday morning, I asked the Lord during my quiet period, “Do you really want me to open a soaking center?”

Ten minutes later, I got a call from a woman distraught and in tears, sobbing into the phone asking if she could come over. As I held her in my arms and listened to her, a flood of peace just enveloped us.

Then I put on my “Come Away My Beloved” CD. It is the same CD that God used to soothe and comfort me during another period of sickness over 2 years ago. The woman relaxed and as she soaked, she had revelation from God. He spoke to her about issue she was facing, and He gave her renewed strength and insight that she had missed and needed.

She walked away singing.

I have another coming on Tuesday. More and more people are asking me about soaking. I think I am going to have an evening or time set aside to play the intro CD and see if this develops into a soaking center.
It is so amazing how God can break us free. When we cry out from the very depth of our souls and declare that we won’t do anything else until we are right in the palm of God’s hand, He is faithful to his word and we do find Him.

I don’t care what it takes. Although I have paid a very heavy price to serve the Lord, I don’t care. I don’t want to do anything but serve Him because there is nothing like serving the Lord. I want God to have a resting place in my neighborhood.

I just wanted you to know that what you sowed into me has not been wasted. Thank you ever so much, Team.

May God continue to bless and keep you always.