Therefore Go...

Toronto has just completed fourteen years of revival. For twelve of those years, we hosted nightly meetings in Toronto where more than four million attended and for the most part, went home changed or even revolutionized to God’s glory! They have come from just about every nation on earth. Many hundreds more have graduated from our various schools and have been stirred for revival beyond anything they might have imagined!

But now this glorious, life-changing revival has clearly moved from the gathering stage to the scattering stage. In fact, Fred Wright, the International Coordinator for our network of churches, Partners in Harvest, has studied revival trends through the ages. He pointed out to me recently that what began in Toronto in 1994 has long since reached the scattering stage.

Revival fires are now burning not only in Canada, the USA and the UK, but in most of the countries of the world. We now have Soaking Prayer Centers in 80 nations. There are approximately 800 active centers around the world in these nations. While most of them are in Canada, US and the UK, there are135 that are active centers in Australia.


The revival is much stronger than ever, and it is now spreading throughout the entire world. One place of blessing is Iceland where Jeremy and Connie Sinnott ministered this year.

“Things are every bit as intense as Toronto in ’94 and ’95,” Connie and Jeremy shared excitedly, after their visit. “Now is the time to take that nation for revival and for Christ.”


“We just had a weekend with Jeremy, Connie, Bill and Sue. It was amazing! A lot more people came than we thought would and were open to the Holy Spirit. People where manifesting outwardly and changed on the inside. Some are receiving gold and oil even in their homes. People are catching the fire. Someone went to the college today where the soaking conference was at the weekend, they preached during lunch time and 30 young people gave their lives to Jesus...”

Alyn and A J Jones have just confirmed Connie and Jeremy’s account: “We’ve finished the conference here in Iceland! It was amazing!” says Alyn.

"Eight deaf people were healed! Hearing aids out of their ears and all! One got spontaneously healed during a healing segment and so she testified and then we asked everyone else to stand who had hearing problems and a bunch more got healed. The same things happened the following day! We had healings in every service: two drug dealers got saved last night and five more people this morning! I was so overwhelmed last night that I needed my own catcher and had difficulty teaching. The place was undone! Bodies lay everywhere. Fire tunnels, signs and wonders and lots and lots of very hungry people, thank you Jesus!”

What is happening? Hundreds of these dear folks have gone home from Toronto on fire, hungrier and thirstier than ever. They want conferences, Leader’s schools, and soaking weekends to fan the flames and keep the fire burning.


Another place of victory is Africa. Anne Cormier from Halifax, NS, Canada, writes about her recent trip to southern Africa as part of our World Changers outreach team.

“The week in Pemba was a life-changing week for me. My husband and I have never been able to have children. I was undone by the African children, as all of the team members were. It was wonderful to see the hunger for the Lord that they had. In all of my life I have never seen such young ones with their faces in the dirt crying out for the Lord. It was humbling to be in their presence. They were also starving for affection, and they would surround us and make us hug and touch them. The poverty was also a shock to me. We saw children waiting for us to finish our supper. If there was any left, they would put it in dirty, stinky bags and take it home.”

“The outreach we went on was really the highlight. We drove 3 hours into the bush and stayed in tents. The Iris pastors showed the “Jesus” video and some of our team gave a testimony. Many came to know the Lord that night, and one child that we know of was healed of deafness. What a privilege to share the gospel in the uttermost parts of the word! It’s scripture coming true in my life! One of the missionaries told us that statistically 65% of everyone in that part of Africa had Aids. We don’t have much time to reach these people with the gospel before many of them are gone. It seems much more urgent now that we “go” and share the gospel. It’s a matter of life and death, both physically and spiritually.”

“At the ILSOM (the International Leaders School of Ministry), I heard the Lord say to me, “Go!” I know it is in the Bible and it is for all of us. However, it becomes much clearer when the Lord speaks that to us individually. While I was soaking, I saw a mental impression Jesus and me. We were both dressed in royal robes standing side by side. He was telling me to “Go”. We will walk together and rule and reign. It’s my inheritance.”

Is it fair to say that Anne’s life was revolutionized for the glory of God? She will never be the same again! She has now shared in taking the fire of Jesus’ love to the nations, raised up as a ‘laborer’ in His harvest field.

There is no room in this article to tell you about England, Norway, and Eastern Europe. I need to move on to the Leader’s School in Crimea, Ukraine, with leaders from the Charismatic Union. It is the site of the Crimean war between Russia, Turkey and Britain which occurred about 150 years ago. God moved among those Russian speaking pastors in mighty power. They were set free by life-changing teaching, and overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit moving upon them as they passed through the fire tunnels.


Our last leg for '07 was Australia and New Zealand. In Canberra, Australia, Duncan and Kate Smith, along with Carol and me, had the most amazing leader’s school ever outside of Toronto. Approximately 253 registrants came together in Canberra. Pastor Peter Thompson did an outstanding job of hosting us all in his ‘on-fire’ assembly.

Chris and Celia Lee from Geraldton, Western Australia wrote, “The ILSOM in Canberra was fantastic! It was a privilege to play a small part. Celia and I were part of the 12-person ministry team. Lovely to see the people transformed as the week went by. I Enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones."

"During the impartation, I was a catcher and one of the last to receive prayer. I was going to ask John for a double portion; but before I could, he came up to me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Chris, a double-portion. Take it”. I was undone by the infilling. Later at the airport, our little group of West Australians attracted numerous looks as we returned home full of the Spirit.”

“It is great to have a fresh boldness in our own ministry world. At our local church this morning, (Sunday) three people came forward for prayer, all with pain in their bodies, all were healed... One lady with an enormously swollen finger couldn’t believe it when we prayed. We told her to check her finger. She watched in amazement as her finger was a bit better, then a lot better, and then all better.”

Chris and Celia are two who have participated in our training events previously, and were now delighted to not only attend the International Leaders School of Ministry, but to continue on a leader’s training track and be part of the team that brought such tremendous blessing and freedom to so many.

Australia was a very successful and fruitful school, because hungry people, desperate for more of God, came seeking after Him and were willing “to deal with their stuff.” He did not disappoint them. The school finished with the largest mission offering that we have ever received anywhere on the road, $50,000. Thank you, Australia! Thank you, Jesus. Your work of the Kingdom shall continue on.

In Melbourne, Australia we held amazing meetings with another pastor named John Arnott. We also found New Zealand hungrier than I have seen it in years. Lynley Allan, one of our faithful former staff members, who now lives in Auckland, arranged for over one hundred of her countrymen to come and hear about our Soaking Center Network and how they can get involved with us to change their world.


So, that is how our last twelve months has gone; from revival, to revival, to revival. I feel so sorry for those who are missing it!

These are stories of ordinary Christian people like us from the nations of the world, who are learning to hear the voice of God. Who have had a revelation of the Father’s love; who have had a significant measure of healing in their own hearts, and so now, they are going out into revival harvest fields, both near and far, discovering again and again, that Jesus Christ is alive. He is still healing, saving and delivering hungry souls today. He is still looking for laborers in the nations of this world, to bring in His harvest.

I believe that 2007 was a year of completion. The first seven years in the new millennium are now history. This year, 2008, marks a new beginning, both for us at TACF and Catch the Fire Ministries, and also for you. This is the year of your opportunity. Never before has living the Great Commandment and then fulfilling the Great Commission been so desperately needed. The nations of this world are literally dying to know Jesus, to know the depths of His redeeming love, to experience the transformation of His powerful presence by the Holy Spirit. Do you hear Him calling YOU to enter into His harvest fields and do your part in fulfilling the Great Commission and seeing His Kingdom come and fill all the earth?

I want to ask you to pray about coming with us to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. We invite you to come with us to the nations, and be a World Changer with us, bringing the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father, and the fellowship and communion of the Holy Spirit to this hungry and desperate world that needs to be ‘soaked’ and baptized in His presence.

His commission is found in Matthew 28:19-20, “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (NLV Translation)