From a Revive TV Member


Ecountered by the Holy Spirit and now ready to pour out what has been received. 

This is to say a huge ‘THANKYOU’ to you all for the recent Signs and Wonders Conference. I was there together with 16 others from Dublin, Ireland.

It was my second time in 7 years, and I was blown away at the level of care and nourishment you as a church family have provided for the body past 15 years.

Day and night your teams were there to care for us and facilitate what the Spirit was saying and doing in us.

That your teams are constantly willing to put themselves out and to work very long hours and not grow weary speaks of your wise leadership and governance of the great treasure and responsibility with which God has entrusted you.

As a church, you truly demonstrate true worship in your service to others.

May you never grow weary, and may your joy overflow as you continue to give away what you have in CHRIST. I have returned to Ireland with a very full heart. My spirit is renewed and kicking and the Good News of the Kingdom is so much bigger in my heart.

I have been nourished, BIG TIME!!