When His Kingdom Comes


Down in Texas when I was growing up, we reserved the phrase “Kingdom come” to describe that place where one’s “smithereens” land after an explosion. Likewise, real revival is a sea- son where God comes in power and blows the church’s carnal methods to “Kingdom come.” It is not just that power comes; but it is usually the wrapper that blows us away because it carries certain brand marks that resemble Jesus’ first appearance on earth.

God bypasses the religious system and goes for a “Bethlehem.” In 1994 it was a tiny shop- ping center near an airport runway in Toronto. In the Welsh revival, it was a teeny-weeny church on a neighborhood street in Lukor; and in the Azusa Street revival, a warehouse in Los Angeles.

The human vessels he chooses to use are usually unknown to men and famous with God. They are even surprised at what happens because they had not known that the integrity in the way they lived their normal lives had drawn the attention of Heaven. They weren’t looking at their watches and waiting for the angel to tap them for a special place in church history. Like Mary, they were busy doing what they always did because it was the right and necessary thing to do. They aren’t usually the people whose photos grace the pages of Christian periodicals like this one. They are content with obscurity and are His testimony to the powers of darkness that a human being can love and serve God in righteousness with- out the promise of “Christian” fame or wealth. As Mary sang, “He has had regard for the low estate of his bond slave...”For the Azusa Street revival, the vessel God chose was an African- American preacher named William Seymour who “ironically” was blind in one eye, not the vessel that man would have chosen because God looks on the heart.

When His Kingdom comes, His values invade and make what is on earth as it is in Heaven: the simple are wise, the weak become strong, the humble are exalted, the impossible be- comes possible without human help. The words of Mary’s prophetic song of the Spirit come to pass, “...He has scattered those who were proud in the thoughts of their heart. He has brought down rulers from their thrones; He has exalted those who were humble in heart, He has filled the hungry with good things and sent away the rich empty-handed.”

Just so we won’t forget what “humble” looks like, I believe that God is about to show us again. His eyes are searching the world right now for simple, humble people who just plain want God, not for what He can do for them or where He can take them. They will be satis- fied with what God decides to impart and not long for “quail” because they are bored with manna. They will receive because they trust Him to bless even while they are resting. These are the ones He is going to fill with “good things.”

In the meantime this Christmas season, let’s remember the time when Heaven secretly invaded earth with the Father’s only begotten Son. Maybe it’s not too late for us to return to Kingdom values and give up our own agendas, even the ones that seem spiritual. During this outpouring, the Lord spoke to one of our friends, a pastor who was afraid that his building was inadequate and his congregation was not ready for the “more” he wanted from God. “Remember Son,” God said to him, “I don’t need a runway to land.”

Originally Published November/December 2008 Editor Melinda Fish

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