This Wave of Revival

Have you ever had God open your spiritual eyes to see something astounding in the realm of the Spirit? That is what happened to me this morning as I began to write this article. What I saw appeared to be an explosion of what looked like God’s glory. It started small but quickly began to spread throughout the whole earth.

I asked God what I was seeing. He told me that it was the next wave of revival in this set of waves that is hitting the earth. As an avid body surfer in my youth, I know that “rideable” waves come in sets, and they often come with great power.

Sharon and I saw that same pattern of power wave sets as we researched revival church history in preparation for writing our recent book. What we saw was that each wave of revival came in as a set; each one restoring truth to God’s people.

During the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s, Luther was the vessel God used to unleash the mighty reality that Jesus, not the church, is our Saviour. During the wave that followed, Calvin restored the truth that God, not the Pope, was sovereign. These were huge corrections. The Anabaptists, the Moravians and others over the next 240 years added more to the understanding of Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Wesley and the Great Awakening emphasized the Great Commission.

This wave crested in the mid 1740’s. Over the next 160 years, revival historians recognize three more waves, which came in the three consecutive periods of awakening. The century of the Holy Spirit crested in the early 1900’s and the Holy Spirit kept on coming in a multiple set of waves for over the next 90 years.

These sets of revival waves are kingdom occurrences, explosions of God’s glory that travel ever outward in and through the lives of hungry, desperate people dependent on God for life and spiritual reality.

Sharon and I didn’t realize when we wrote our book, The World’s Greatest Revivals, that we would have the privilege of witnessing a literal tsunami of the father’s love in the same way our ancestors saw the other awakenings we studied.

I believe that we are in the middle of this current set of revival waves.

Hungry people all over the world are being restored to spiritual life by experiencing the reality of the father’s love. They are living out this rediscovered truth as God keeps revealing fresh insights. With hungry hearts, continuing to press into God the father, and with open spiritual eyes, those affected by this move of God’s love are hungry for more revelation of His love.

Therefore, it is important not only to see the revival event but what God is revealing through it to His children. The body of Christ responds by testing the revelation with scripture and then incorporating the revelation as sound doctrine into the normal Christian life.

In our day, God has been using Bill Johnson and Bethel Church in Redding, California to build upon the father Heart revelation by taking it to society through prophetic evangelism. Now the Florida Outpouring with Todd Bentley is restoring the awareness that our Heavenly father wants to heal the sick.

In mid-May John and Carol, Sharon and I and others from our leadership team in Toronto had the privilege of being there to observe, participate in, and receive from what God is doing through Todd and his team. We saw people desperate for more of God and for physical healing flocking to Florida from everywhere just as they did when Jesus walked the earth.

True revivals usually start when God supernaturally endows an individual or a team with an uncommon degree of power. As they release the anointing into the lives of the hungry, the revival and the revelation of God’s goodness that it carries, begin to spread. Since attending the meetings in Florida, I have personally noticed a new impartation of faith to pray for the sick. It is my belief that we are going to see many centers of revival appear and develop over the next few years as the father’s work of healing explodes.

I believe that the result will be that people all over the earth will be healed and saved! I believe that God will unleash overwhelming faith for physical healing done through His people as a result of this wave.

Each one of us needs to ask the Lord how to respond to what He is pouring out now.

I believe that we need to position ourselves in several ways to keep on riding on this wave set of the father’s love in all its manifestations:

First, we need to incorporate greater intimacy with God into our personal lives. We must keep walking in what we received during the Toronto Outpouring. Abide in the vine, Jesus, continually, taking plenty of time to soak in His presence. In these sessions of soaking, He will increase the flow of His anointing being unleashed in this wave.

Second, in order to receive the benefit of this healing anointing, we must not stumble over the stumbling blocks, which include differences in doctrine and biblical interpretation with those who are currently carrying the revival anointing. It is fine to be discerning, but no one can afford to miss the core revelation, which, in this case, seems to be a transferrable healing anointing that God is making available to His Church.

Let us not allow the enemy to rob us by hardening our hearts through overindulging in criticism. Instead let’s ride the wave and find the blessing, which is hidden in the earthen vessels. Let God admonish His servants through the relationships they have formed with mature Christians in their lives.

Next, take every opportunity to visit the rapidly multiplying revival centers; including Todd’s meetings, to witness and partake of what God is doing and revealing there. This will encourage you to become more available as an instrument or a carrier of that expanding anointing wherever you go. This may mean renegotiating what you are doing to make room in your church services and in your personal schedules to incorporate what God is doing and will continue to do in this wave.

As you see the fruit around you, you will be encouraged to keep focusing on Jesus for what He will be doing through you. And remember to be grateful for what God has done, recalling the seasons of fruitlessness when you longed for the power that is now so readily available through God’s mercy. Ocean waves have an “eternal” quality about them. As surely as one builds, crests and breaks, there will be another. Keep a soft heart and an open spirit because as surely as we are riding one now, the time will come to ride another.

Let us be like the men of Issachar who truly understood the times and knew what the church should do, and we will continue on the way in being the prepared bride of our Lord Jesus Christ, speeding up the timing of His return as Peter wrote (II Peter 3:8,9,12).