The Outpouring From Lakeland To Dudley

Over the past 7 years I have grown in my friendship with Todd Bentley. In 2002, Todd laid hands on me, and the Lord gave me an impartation for mass evangelism. As Sharon and I held our first crusade in India a few days later, 45,000 people attended. So when Todd called me in April 2008 to say that something was happening in Lakeland, I got the next possible flight to Florida.


As I entered the meeting, I could sense the presence of Jesus in the same way I had experienced it in Telford, England after I had returned from Toronto in early ‘94. This was different, however, in that as people worshipped, His presence became more tangible. I remember thinking, anything could happen tonight; and I wasn’t disappointed.

As Todd took the platform, the power of God’s presence increased and healing started to happen spontaneously. I remember a man in a full body brace being helped to the platform and within a few seconds, he was taking off his brace. Then he began to walk and move freely as he was totally healed.

Todd then called out my name and said 21 words that changed my life, “Trevor, take this outpouring back to Dudley, the greater Birmingham region and the United Kingdom! Take the fiery call, Bam! Bam!”As these words penetrated my heart, I could feel something explode within me. I felt the weighty presence of God come upon me as if this was my defining moment, and I was being released to carry the outpouring back to Dudley and the U.K.

After spending four days soaking in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in Florida, I was anticipating something happening when I returned to the UK. I had sent out an email to everyone on our database and couldn’t believe the response as 1500 people came to the first meeting. We then decided to hold another meeting the next day and again crowds turned up. In both of these meetings the sick were healed and people came to know Jesus as their Saviour.

Over those days in Lakeland, God had imparted the fresh anointing I needed and now I was also seeing Him touch those who came.

As I write this, 65 days since our first meeting, we have seen the presence of Jesus increase every time we have come together. There have been notable miracles taking place as people have come expecting God to do something. Expectancy seems to cause people to enter into this new realm, empowering and equipping those who have come.

Another aspect of the outpouring in Dudley has been the worship, which causes the tangible presence of God to fill the whole atmosphere. During these times, people have given testimony to being healed. Sharon has written new songs that have captured this shift in the spiritual atmosphere as we have encountered those heavenly realms.

Testimony has also been a key factor, which has increased the signs and wonders. As people have testified to being healed, God increases the healing anointing and others then respond and receive their healing.

Many leaders have made the journey to Dudley to receive the impartation. It is a blessing just to see their hunger for more of God although unlike the ‘94 Toronto Outpouring when many went there for renewal because they were burned out, now they are coming to be empowered to bring in the harvest through signs and wonders.

Over the past 65 days, we have seen over 20,000 people make the journey to Dudley. A number of pastors who have come have returned to their churches and have then witnessed healings and salvations in their own churches. We are seeing local pastors coming together and also national leaders including Ken Gott, Rick Oldland, Gerald Coates and Mark Stibbe who are supporting the outpouring.

Since our first visit to Lakeland, we have returned there each month just to keep in step with what God is doing and have found each time we have returned that there has been an increase in the anointing. In Haggai 2, the prophet says, "The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house.” I believe we are entering into a time when the “greater glory” will be released, and this will result in an increased level of healing and miracles fulfilling the word of Jesus, "Greater works than these will you do, because I go to the Father.”

If you are thirsty for more, I encourage you to find a place where the outpouring is taking place, go receive and give it away. It will be a journey worth making and you won’t be disappointed.