The Coming Wave

In February of 2008, Sandra Long, wife of Steve Long, and senior co-pastor had the first of two dreams concerning a coming wave:

In my dream Stephen and I were in a motel asleep when I suddenly felt the room rocking back and forth. I woke up, looked out my window and saw that the tide had come right under the motel we were in. In our excitement, we went outside to see what was going on. In the distance I saw a huge blue wave. I remember walking towards the wave, pulling up a round table and two chairs on which to lay our things and then sitting down.

My husband, Stephen, Jon, my son, and Jeremy Sinnott (TACF pastor and worship leader) both began to run into the wave. Then I could see their head bobbing in and out of the wave and knew that they were having fun. I wanted to run but became frightened. I remember standing there trying to figure out whether I should sit and watch or run into the wave.

Then I woke up sensing that I didn't need to be afraid even though I didn't know the nature of the wave and that I needed to run into it. During that week, I had been struggling with whether or not I should preach at Airport for the first time or hand it off to someone else. Because of the dream, I chose to embrace the next move of that God had for me even if it looked big and I didn't know what I was doing.

At the end of March while Stephen and I were in Israel on a tour, I had a second dream.

Before I went to Israel, I was really struggling with why we were going, but I felt God said that He would meet us there. On our first day, I had a personal encounter with God that affected me deeply. The next night, I had a dream about a second wave.

In the dream, I was in a ship sitting down facing a number of open windows. I looked out and saw a huge wave coming towards the ship. I remember yelling to someone on the ship to quickly close the windows. I remember sitting down, rear for the impact that the wave would have on the ship.

I was amazed that I didn't feel fear or any concern for my safety. I remember looking outside on the other side of the boat and saw that the level of the water was rising. Rather than being hit by the wave, the boat had been picked up by the wave and was riding on top of it. All of a sudden the boat literally turned in a different direction. At that point I woke up.

The two dreams were significant for me, not only in foreseeing the outpouring in Lakeland, Florida, but also for the spreading of this move of the Spirit to Toronto and the world in a new wave of renewal. We have received many other prophetic words and visions alongside my dreams which foresaw this new wave of revival breaking out in Toronto.

Over the late months, we have seen a new level of God's power being released in worship and healing as a people are growing increasingly hungry for His presence. The key for all of us in hosting this outpouring is to position ourselves spiritually so that we are always open and ready for God to move in us and through us.

We were all destined for such a time as this. Don't let it pass you by.