A Dream Of The Coming Flood


On February 23, 2008, I woke up realizing that I’d had a dream from the Lord. I hadn’t felt spiritual when I went to sleep, nor had I contemplated before the things, which appeared in the dream. I felt the presence of the Lord in an unusual way and began to record what I had seen.

In the dream I was riding in a white car through a desert with several other people, some I knew and others I didn’t. I saw the pebbles in the sand and clumps of scrub trees and brush left from another time when life had sprung up there, remained for awhile and had then evaporated. A woman I had known in the past that I knew to be prophetic laid her hand on my back and a new dimension of reality opened up before me. The scene was so sharp that I erupted in screams of joy knowing that the Lord was encouraging me through the scene in front of me.

I then saw several rock formations imbedded on the desert floor. They were dark gray in color and looked as though they were out of place. When I stared at them, I realized that they were not rocks at all but people who had been suddenly petrified in various stages of movement as though they had been experiencing the typical responses to the Holy Spirit’s presence we had come to accept as normal during the Toronto Outpouring. Their faces were lined as though they had been weathered for a long time and hardened in expressions of pain and shock.

I felt overwhelming pity for the figures and wondered how this could have happened. They were stuck to the desert floor; unable to move in any direction, condemned to be there in the desert unless something happened beyond their ability which would move them again. I wanted them to live again, and I knew that God had given me the desire to see them live because He wanted them to live.

It was early afternoon in the dream and the sun beat down on the figures who were facing me and whose backs were toward the horizon. Then I saw the horizon behind the figures and realized that the desert we were in was an area at the base of a large mountain that completely covered the horizon. It was bigger than Rainier or Everest and far away with a blue expanse obscuring the detail between the desert floor and the mountain’s peak.

The mountain was very high and the snow on top of it was frozen in rivulets. The expanse of the snow cap was so large that I knew if what was up there came down here where the figures were that they would move and live again. I knew I was looking at the same mountain my husband had seen in a vision 32 years ago before we answered the call to ministry in Pittsburgh, PA where we still live. In his vision my husband saw the snowcap melting, but in my dream the snow and ice were still frozen although it was past midday. I realized that it would take more than sunshine to melt it; it would take a change of seasons.

For several days after the dream, the interpretation of it came in stages as the Lord drew my attention to its different aspects. I realized that the mountain was a volcano, which had erupted before, and the results had hardened the figures in the places where they were.

I believe that we are on the brink of an eruption of a magnitude we have never known before. During that first stage, the ice cap will melt and the water we have all been crying for is coming to flood the desert. I realized that the vision my husband had seen 32 years ago, a vision we previously thought had been fulfilled by the River in Toronto, was yet to be fulfilled. The ice cap had not yet melted and the dam on the mountainside, which he had seen, was still intact.

That dam cracked and issued a River during the Toronto Outpouring, which caused the figures to be there beneath the mountain. These are people who were blessed by the previous move of God, but who have been hardened by the events of life since that time. Their joy has been stifled and their experiences have etched lines in their faces and made them unable to move. They are stuck in their spiritual growth; and they are feeling abandoned and have hardened in heart. The dam, which remained intact during the Toronto Out-pouring, is going to be crushed during the eruption of the next flow of the Holy Spirit. The first stage of the eruption will cause a flood we have not expected and will move the figures and bring them to life so that they can be a part of the flow again. What God is about to do will restore the joy and freedom that they once had and cause the figures to surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit again.

Then there will be fire and what erupts next will melt everything that stands in its way.

I believe it is time to look up to Heaven and receive new hope. If you are in despair because you know you are one of these stone figures, know that the Lord has taken pity and compassion on you and is about to send the flood that will change everything and answer your cries for help.

If you have been unable to go to Lakeland, take heart. This is only the beginning. Zechariah 10: 1 is a word for you, “Ask of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain— the Lord who makes the storm clouds; and He will give them showers of rain, vegetation in the field to each man.” The seasons are changing and God is coming where you are.

Originally Published August/October 2008 Editor Melinda Fish

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