Review | Voices: Understanding and Responding to the Language of Heaven by Steve Witt


One of the great values that has come from this move of the Spirit has been the desire to hear God’s voice. Too many Christians live without hearing the active voice of God in their spirits and consign themselves to a life of reading the Bible only and never venture beyond it for fear of being deceived. However, God’s promise to His children is that they will hear His voice and follow Him.

If you are a Christian who is hungry to hone this skill, Steve Witt’s new book, VOICES: UNDERSTANDING AND RESPONDING TO THE LANGUAGE OF HEAVEN is a literal God-send. Those who know Steve admire his winsome ability to connect with audiences by translating spiritual truth into practical language.

In this book, Steve opens his heart and shares his own journey in learning the language of Heaven.

Steve uses current events, the hidden mystery of scripture and prophetic unction to tantalize the reader into craving to hear God’s voice. He is able to see the beauty of God’s call to communicate with His kids in the interaction he has established with his own children who are now adults.

As you read Steve’s article in this issue, you will see how he draws the reader in and exposes the pitfalls and joys of learning to discern God’s voice and speak His language. I highly recommend Steve’s book for Bible study and cell group meetings because it prompts discussion.

You will find it stimulating reading because of the examples he draws from biographies of talented people such as George Washington Carver whose humble life exemplifies how God is able to reveal himself not only through the Bible but through scientific pursuits.

One of Steve’s life themes is making Jesus accessible to folks who live and work every day outside the church walls. I would even recommend it as an evangelistic tool, because far from being “preachy,” Steve’s God-given talent for communication touches the heart. He is able to connect with young adults and seniors, business people, entrepreneurs and those of us who grew up in church.

He is a prophet not only to the church, but to the folks God wants to draw in. Go for it!