The Last Word | It's Time for a Double Blessing

This January we celebrated another anniversary of revival in Toronto! We are looking back in awe at fourteen years of abundant fruit. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed forever and many hundreds of workers have been released into fruitful ministry or reinvigorated to fulfill the call of God on their lives!

Sometimes people ask, “John, did you ever imagine that God would do with you what He has done since 1994?”

“No, we had no idea, no inkling.” It is far beyond all we could have asked or even have thought!

We are now well into 2008. Eight is the symbolic number for new beginnings. Seven represents completion and perfection. But we have had fourteen years, two seven-year periods of fulfillment; and it is time for a new beginning. So I believe that 2008 is going to be an amazing year of new opportunities and increased blessings.

In fact, this is what I am seeing and experiencing already this year. We have begun to hold monthly meetings in Orlando, Florida because the healing presence of the Lord is so great. We enjoyed an amazing outpouring of grace and power at our Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference this January.

My friends in ministry have been sharing with me stories of renewed hunger, excitement and blessing. God is increasing His power and presence to heal in an even greater way than any of us have seen.

So, what does this mean for you and me as we head into this new season of double blessing?

I believe we will see amazing opportunities in the Kingdom of God. Healings and conversions will be increasing in Western nations even as revival continues to unfold in the developing world.

Yet running parallel to these good times, spiritual darkness is increasing. I am sure you have noticed that the stock market is in free fall. It is no coincidence that this happened right at the beginning of January 2008. The mortgage crisis in the US is increasing, and the effects of that are spreading around the globe. Recession is threatening jobs; resulting in many losing income and having to make undesirable lifestyle changes. Islamic terrorism continues its menacing threat to international security causing widespread anxiety.

The kingdom of this world is dark and becoming darker, but the light of God is shining even more brightly. One sixth of the people in the world are now born again believers, most of them in the developing world. I am praying that this ‘darkness’ will give way to international revival.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is recession proof and disaster proof. The greater the darkness, the more people will run to the only One who is able to rescue them. They will take comfort in Jesus’ words, “Fear not, little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

Carol and I are about to take a tour to Israel; then we will travel to the Philippines and eastern Russia. In every place we have already been, we are sensing the excitement of the people. They are expecting revival and want to prepare for it. There are more requests for our Leader’s Schools and Soaking Weekends than our existing teams can handle.

So if you have you been wondering if revival is still happening, it is more sought after than ever. The people we have met are praying not just for ‘things’ but for His Presence. It is absolutely an amazing day to be alive. So get ready for double blessing in 2008, won’t you.