How to Experience the Father's Love

This generation must know the voice of our Father intimately.

More people than ever before in world history now have the ability to busy themselves with electronic distractions and thousands of activities that require rushing to and fro.

In all your rushing about, do you have a passion for the “secret place” where you can find peace in your Father’s arms? Do you really know that you are God’s precious child, welcome on His lap at any time? Or do you consume yourself with “busyness” because intimacy with anyone, let alone God, is difficult for you?

Hurting people hurt people. Avoiding intimacy with God is a sign of hurt. So, before you try to love a dying world, you must be healed and full of His love yourself. You cannot give away what you have not received.


The key to the “secret place” is “soaking.” Soaking is not really a scriptural metaphor, but it is nevertheless real. It is a term we use to describe the practice of taking time to rest while inviting the Holy Spirit to fill you again with His amazing love.

The Apostle Paul would call it being “filled with all the fullness of God.” It means allowing the Holy Spirit to rise up within you and “soak” your dry soul. It is a simple practice that was lost to the majority of the Church for centuries while we busied ourselves with religious activities. In this renewal, God is restoring this truth by allowing us to experience His love frequently. He wants it to become a habit because He wants our love, not merely our labor.

Soaking in God’s love has become a core value for us.

It is a value we want to share with everyone who comes to Toronto and with those we meet around the world. One way of spreading the blessing is by equipping people through Soaking in His Presence Weekends (SIPWs) and Equipping Seminars. When you attend a SIPW you will receive teaching and personal ministry on four of our key values: hearing God’s voice, the Father heart of God, healing life’s hurts and ministering in the power of Holy Spirit. Two teachers from our Catch the Fire team lead the SIPW or Equipping Seminar.

Here are testimonies from a few host pastors:

“Jeremy and Connie Sinnott are not just wonderful musicians, but very refreshing speakers, as well. The SIPW weekend with them at New Song was a feast of great soaking and teaching for those who attended. The teaching is focused on healing for those areas of the heart that would block or limit the believer’s experience of the Lord and distort his/ her ability to hear Him clearly. I recommend this for pastors and churches that want to take their people deeper into the things of God.” 

- Pastor Loren Sandford, New Song Fellowship, Denver, CO.

“We hosted our first Soaking in His Presence Weekend on April 19 – 21 at our church, The Father’s House Christian Fellowship in Easton, PA. Approximately 80 hungry-for-God people attended coming from as far north as Maine and as far South as Tennessee.

The sessions started off with praise and worship by our worship team. The Holy Spirit was present, touching us in a very powerful way. John and Patricia Bootsma taught on various subjects including ‘What is Soaking?’, ‘Hearing God’s Voice,’ ‘The Father’s Heart’ and ‘Intimacy with God.’ Some of the people were experiencing these things for the very first time, and all of us received impartation and revelation. We received many testimonies from people who experienced deeper intimacy with the heavenly Father than ever before.

There were at least a dozen people that received instant manifestations of physical healing from back, neck and knee injuries. Others testified of being totally set free from long-time bondages...

We had the most awesome time in the Lord during the weekend...our lives were touched, filled and changed by God’s glorious presence!”

- Senior Pastor Barry Fields, The Father’s House Christian Fellowship, Easton, PA.

“Having the CTF Soaking Weekend at our church was totally awesome! The soaking worship and the teaching that reinforced it were ‘off the hook.’ We have been soaking in His presence for a number of years, but having the Soaking Weekend at our place only added to our experience. Many came because of various advertisements from states all around and were totally blessed. Many had not been exposed to the “soaking” experience and were really receptive. Now, many are coming back for other events at our church because of the weekend. Thanks to Mary Audrey Raycroft and Marguerite Evans as they were wonderful vessels of our Lord to bring His heart to all.”

- Pastor Robert Lavala, The Extreme Church, Las Vegas, NV.

“Prior to the team arriving from Toronto, we really didn’t know what to expect for our Thursday through Saturday, “Soaking in His Presence” weekend. When the team made up of Marguerite Evans and Elsie Underwood arrived, we could immediately sense that God had some wonderful things in store for our church. Many were asking, ‘What is this soaking thing all about?’ Although we had tried to explain it, the full implications of simply spending time waiting on God were yet to be discovered.

One of our two speakers shared how good at intercession many Christians are, but how few are good at quietly waiting and soaking in Father’s presence. Through the various opportunities to “soak,” we honed our skills by simply waiting on Him.

One other thought shared during our SIPW that ministered to me was the fact that when Jesus was baptized and prior to the start of His ministry, the Father pronounced, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” Father was pleased with His Son, and He hadn’t really done anything outstanding yet. In the same way, we are Father’s children, and He loves us just for who we are, before we do anything spectacular. What a wonderful God we serve!

One of the ladies in our church had heard some negative things about “the Toronto move of God,” so she didn’t know what to expect. After the SIPW, she commented on how wonderful the Holy Spirit had ministered to her over the weekend. She had a new appreciation for the Father’s love that He lavishes on us.

Thank you team for your labors of love and for coming to Vienna, Virginia to be vessels of His love and grace. We pray that we will learn to continue to soak in His presence and delight in Him.”

- Rev. Vernon and Ruth Ann Dean, Pastors, Christian Assembly, Vienna, VA

“We hosted a soaking weekend this year at The Father’s House Church in Oroville. Gordon and Cathy Harris were the facilitators. It has had a huge impact in the lives of our church. It brought a new revelation of the shear enjoyment of just lying in the ‘presence of our Lord.’ We would encourage all to host a conference at their churches. It will change your life!”

- Pastors Steve and Vicki Orsillo, The Father’s House, Oroville, CA.

“I remember as a child having a snow globe with a little church inside the glass. Shaking the snow globe caused the flurry of snow to blur the sight of the church in the center. How accurately this describes our overly stimulated lifestyle! Even at church, we are so busy doing things for God rather than enjoying God Himself.

The Soaking in His Presence Weekend helped bring us back to the center of life. It is here where we learned that it is more important to “be” than to “do”. This seminar is a “must” for every church. It’s another stream God has added to broaden our river.

I am forever grateful to Marguerite Evans and John and Patricia Bootsma for leading us to this place of rest from which we will now live for the rest of our lives.

I recommend any pastor who has not attended a soaking seminar yet, to bump it up on your “to do” list now. No wonder pastors are burning out left and right! You can’t afford to miss this valuable teaching. My only regret is that I did not learn this at the beginning of my ministry. It would have saved me many physical problems related to stress. If you want longevity both physically and spiritually, then learn how to soak yourself in God’s Presence at a Soaking Weekend. As you learn to be still, the flurry around you will settle and you will begin to see things clearly again.”

- Pastor Gary Washburn, Grace Tabernacle, Wildwood, FL.


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