Review | The Light in the Darkness by Chris Malatesta


When I hear someone wonder if God performs miracles today, my mind immediately goes to the testimony of my friend, Chris Malatesta.

You may have seen Chris on the front row at conferences at TACF, because she’s the wife of Frank Malatesta, one of John Arnott’s regular aides and the Senior Department Manager of Facilities, AV, Security, and Human Resources at TACF.

Over 16 years ago, Chris was dying of multiple sclerosis, an incurable, degenerative disease that cripples and kills young adults. Chris had spent years deteriorating with MS until she was finally consigned to a wheelchair.

Although she had become a Christian years earlier, chiefly through the witness of her grandmother and was a member of a Pentecostal church, it looked as though MS would claim her young life. She was so crippled and in pain that she had to be carried to the washroom. Her husband, Frank, was crying out to God to spare her any further pain even if he had to take her home.

Chris’s story is one of great triumph of the grace of God in the life of someone who suffered the worst forms of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her parents. Her book reveals the horrifying details of being buried alive in a box and how she recovered from the trauma of this experience, only to later discover after she was a young wife and mother that she was a victim of MS.

With circumstances against her, Chris heard God tell her that she would be healed. Toward the end of her years of suffering, she wondered if He meant that she would die and find ultimate healing in heaven, but God’s plan for her was complete healing.

The Light in the Darkness describes her journey through a tunnel of hopelessness to the astonishing moment the day she awakened totally healed by the power of God. As her mother-in-law fed her breakfast that day, she could feel her skin brushing her arm for the first time. By the end of the day, Chris was walking outside on her driveway to the astonishment of her Hindu neighbors who had never even seen her out of her wheelchair.

Upon hearing what happened, the neighbors came to Jesus Christ.

Your doubting friends and people you know who suffer from debilitating diseases will identify with her honesty and find comfort in her journey. If someone you know doesn’t believe in God’s healing power in operation today, The Light in the Darkness will challenge their unbelief with irrefutable evidence. If you know God heals, this book will strengthen your faith. This book belongs in the hands of anyone who needs an answer to the question, Where is God when I need him most?

Chris is totally healed, walking and moving about freely now for more than 16 years, one of the most powerful, miraculous testimonies today of God’s healing power in action. Not only is she physically healed, but the Lord healed the emotional wounds she suffered at the hands of her parents carrying her to a place of forgiveness and peace with God. Read it and rejoice then share it with your friends and anyone who needs to know the love of Jesus Christ.