Regarding Paul Gowdy's Letters

The Gowdy letters and postings on the internet have come to the attention of Toronto Airport Christian

We acknowledge that Paul Gowdy was a pastoral intern at Scarborough Vineyard (not Toronto Vineyard
– the Toronto Vineyard was located in downtown Toronto). Gowdy was under the leadership of senior
pastor, Paul White. According to Paul White, Gowdy served only a few months as personal issues
arose in his life. There is a reference to White in the Gowdy letters, White has no recollection of this
conversation that Gowdy states. Scarborough is a community on the east side of Toronto.

It is Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship’s belief that healing comes into the lives of people because it is
the will of our loving Father God. We believe that our Father wants to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship believes that God is using all believers to share the good news of
Jesus. This is men and women, of every age pastoring and church planting. We believe that the Gal 3:28
is true that we are one in Jesus and the children of the Most High God.

The references to Carol Arnott and the sword of the Lord are interesting. There are many references
in the Bible to war and swords. Take the example of the Elisha and his servant – the Lord opened
the servant’s eyes 2 Kings 6. It is TACF’s position that the Bible is the true word of God and that our
theology needs to come from the Bible. Therefore our experience needs to match the Word of God. Our
experience needs to come up to the level of Scripture. We also believe that our experience of the love
of the Father and of what He has written will bring us to the same place as Isaiah’s experience in Is 6 –
“Here am I, send me”.

In the Bible we are called to be bearers of good fruit. TACF has seen a move of the Father’s love imparted
throughout the world – one of our greatest fruits has been making our Father’s love famous! TACF has
been the place where hundreds of ministries have been birthed or reborn (as in Heidi Baker’s case) –
that is good fruit. TACF has witnessed many healings – healing is good fruit.

It is true that not everything was done right at TACF. There were excesses but it was pastored well. The
good fruit remained – this good fruit can only remain if TACF remains in connected to the Vine – Jesus
(John 17). By the good fruit, it is clear that TACF has remained in Jesus.