Mentored by a Godly Mother


Discovering the importance of cultivating a friendship with God first in all that you decide to do. 

I was raised in a loving, Christian family by parents who showed me what it was like to lay down their lives for the kingdom of God. They showed tireless and selfless love people of all walks of life, including children from bruised family situations. At my water baptism at the age of 10, the man who baptized me prophesied over me about the plans of God for my life. I went on into adolescence and then adulthood knowing that God’s words were true and went beyond my feelings of insignificance and insecurity.


Growing up, I didn’t know that being a woman could be a hindrance to me in ministry in any way. My mother modeled to me the roles of wife, mother, minister of the gospel, career woman, caregiver of the poor and disadvantaged. One moment she was preparing food for me and my siblings, the next she was praying for someone or preaching. To her, there was no divide between the “sacred” or the “secular,” each flowed seamlessly. I used to admire the fact that she could juggle so many balls, maintain her poise and continue to be fruitful in everything she did, without seeming to become weary in it. I admired this and secretly hoped I would be the same way. My father always valued my mother’s gifts and in no way blocked her public ministry because she was a woman.

"If God chooses to use you, His anointing will flow through you regardless of age, gender or formal qualifications."

Therefore, my attitude to women in ministry is this:If God chooses to use you, His anointing will flow through you regardless of age, gender or formal qualifications. God’s qualification is the right heart. He is looking for someone who will say, “yes” to Him realizing that she is only a vessel.

Today I am the one juggling balls of responsibility. I am a wife and a mother of three gorgeous growing girls. I manage a home and am still able to continue a career outside the home as an occupational therapist and small business owner. I also contribute to church life within Catch the Fire Ministries. I sometimes have schedule challenges and monthly “melt downs,” but these have become the means through which God changes my heart.

When anyone asks me how I do what I do, I know that all my daily challenges cause me to rely on God. I have to constantly run into His arms of love and grace, because I know that my weakness is perfected in His strength. There are times I have wanted to give up and hide, and yet I find grace for another day. As responsibility grows, so does my level of competency. Having our first child seemed overwhelming, but when the second child came along, we realized that training the first child gave us confidence for the second.

"All of it is about friendship with Him."

I feel no less spiritual traveling in my car visiting clients than I do managing the Youth Network over my cell phone! I see myself following in my mother’s footsteps. I continually ask the Lord for wisdom, for favor in relationships, for revelation and insight, for divine appointments as well as many bargains when I go shopping! All of it is about friendship with Him, involving Him in every aspect of my life.

When I first married Duncan, I would often compare myself with his gifts. He was always good at preaching and sharing his faith with others. I often felt timid, like I didn’t have much to say. God has taken me on a journey healing the intimidation and fears I’ve had and helping me discover the lies I believed that caused me to hold back. Now further along this road, I am confident that the Anointed One in me is powerful to move through me. I don’t have to make Him move through me. As He purifies me, the stream of His anointing flows more freely from my life.

I ask the Lord to increase in me the qualities like those of the woman in Proverbs 31. This woman is an excellent wife, her husband trusts in her and she does him good all her life. She is a productive woman who is competent to work with her hands and bring food to the household and those who serve her. She thinks of ways she can earn money and creates income for her family, working very hard to clothe them. She dresses herself in fine clothing. She is never idle. She even has time for the poor and needy. Her husband is well respected in the community. She is optimistic about the future, and she speaks with wisdom and kindness. Best of all, “Her children rise up and bless her, her husband also, and he praises her...” (Proverbs 31:28 NASB)

My prayer is that my character and private actions will undergird any public ministry. My husband, Duncan, always says that if we are willing to hang out with God in the secret place, then He will hang out with us in the public place. The daily routine, although often monotonous, requires faithfulness and commitment which often go unnoticed. How great an opportunity to nurture our friendship with God when nobody is watching! It kills all desire for the acclamation of people.

When I realize that everything I do daily in secret is for the Lord’s pleasure, it then becomes an honor to stand up in public and serve others. As I overcome in my daily routine, I then have the authority to encourage the body of Christ with the same river of His grace that changes me.