God's Women Warriors


The bible is relevant front page news to the body of Christ right now; and Ps.68:11, 12 are “now” headlines. “The LORD announced victory, and throngs of women shout the happy news…enemy kings and their armies flee while women divide the plunder.”

God is developing an army of women warriors, women of faith who know that “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb.11:6); God-pleasers, not man-pleasers who have made the transition from wanting to believe to believing.

Our DNA will cause us to know that there is nothing impossible with Him and dare to expect Him to do beyond all we ask or imagine.

We are in a kairos time for women, a right season when God is pouring out unprecedented favor on us with the intention of restoring us to the place of influence and authority He intended us to have. The Deborahs in this army will hear God’s strategy, lead troops and inspire confidence in both men and women to engage in battles, oust the enemy and reclaim God’s territory in their homes, communities and nations. Wake up, Deborah, and receive God’s strategy for you.

Women in this army will look confident, because we will know who we are and who our God is. We are daughters who will look like our Father. We will understand that we qualify because he’s chosen us, and we won’t disqualify ourselves or let someone else disqualify us.

There will be Jaels in this army. Jael didn’t disqualify herself because she was restricted to her home. Her obscurity was her disguise and her hospitality, her weapon. God is calling Jaels into His army today who will stay hidden in their homes in order to deal a death blow to the enemy with a pre-emptive strike claiming our children for Christ.

The Esthers in this army will be women God will use to speak to kings and government officials, giving voice to those who have no voice. This army of women will be sure that our citizenship is in heaven, that we are part of a royal priesthood and have discarded the orphan spirit for a spirit of son ship. You have been given wealth and influence for such a time as this. He needs you to use it to expose evil and bring Godly counsel.

The Marys in this army will have the sure knowledge that they are new creations in Christ who have recovered from the past and become passionate about their Savior. In this army there will be Mary Magdalenes, former demoniacs and those with emotional and psychiatric histories. There will be Marys of Bethany with immoral pasts. Knowing who they are in Him will enable them to have the courage, like Mary of Bethany, to break down social barriers in order to demonstrate the meaning of extravagant worship from pure hearts and sound minds, free from fear.


Women in this army will be arrayed in Holy garments (Ps.110:3). The next generation will be distinguished by extreme purity to perform extreme works. Satan has tried to convince a generation that purity equals bondage; but the opposite is true. Purity is freedom from mixture and compromise. Walking in purity is not just abstaining from sex outside of marriage but a lifestyle characterized by pure motives, free of gossip, judgment and jealousy. This army will run from the edge of the cliff, not inch itself ever closer to it, hoping it will not fall off.


This army of women will be multi-generational where age will neither qualify nor disqualify. The most effective women warriors will receive the wisdom of previous generations and will not waste time re-inventing the wheel while succumbing to the pride of youth or the pride of age. We will not expect perfection from those who have gone before us or those who are coming after us. We will pass on the baton; knowing it is more about the baton than it is about us. Like Elisha who knew that he needed all that Elijah had and more if he was to take what he had been given to the next level, we will be learners and humble teachers.

God needed Elizabeth to give birth to John the Baptist. A generation of Elizabeths is about to give birth to a generation of John the Baptists. Mary, the mother of Jesus, needed the encouragement that Elizabeth’s belief in her provided. One was involved in forerunning that which the other would bring to fulfillment. Mothers who put a high value on nurturing and loving the next generation will have a prominent place in this army.

This army of women will not discount the value of any in this Kingdom.

We will give place to and heed the Rhodas, children who will report truth as fact teaching us to view through the eyes of faith when we are weary in well doing. And we will honor the Annas whose lives tirelessly stay the course in old age, until they see the fulfillment of their prayers.

God is raising up an army of women who will be confident of victory, proclaim the good news of the Kingdom, put the enemy to flight and take back all that he has stolen. Christian woman, if you’ve never signed up, He needs you to volunteer willingly, for this is your day of battle (Ps.110:3). If you’ve gone AWOL, He needs you back. If you’ve retired, re-enlist. If you’ve put yourself on the disabled list, get well and return to active duty. If you are a woman who knows Jesus Christ, you qualify and He needs you now.

An army of women is on the horizon. It may appear as a small cloud today, but can you hear the sound of mighty rain?