Believing the Call of God

Holding onto the promises of God and listening to His truth alone leads to impossible dreams becoming a reality. 

In the nation where I grew up, everyone lived to survive and no one thought big. We lived one day at a time.

When I was six years old, I had an experience that would change that. I came home from school to have lunch. As my mother walked over to the stove to get me a tortilla, I saw an open vision. God spoke to me in a clear voice and called me, showed me things that I had never seen or heard before about my destiny. I was stunned, but when I told my mother, she dismissed it as my imagination. I kept that experience in my heart and waited, because it was very real.

When I was 18, I was saved during a supernatural encounter with the Lord. My family took it as high treason and disowned me, severely beating and persecuting me trying to get me to deny Jesus. One night my mother physically tried to kill me, because I would not deny Him. That night, the Lord spoke to me and gave two promises. He said that if I did not give up on Him, He would give me ultimate victory and would save my household.

Eighty percent of my family is now saved. He also told me that I would walk with Him and would serve Him every day for the rest of my life. I hung onto those two promises with all my heart. Shortly after that He showed me another, more detailed vision of the destiny of my life, and asked me if I wanted it.

I said, “Yes Lord, here I am. I will do it.”

In my country, women were second to men, and in my church, women were not allowed to minister. God told me not to worry, though, because I was not ready yet and had much to learn. He also said that He would take care of the circumstances and would open the doors for me. So I decided to serve the people and keep in my heart the great things God had shown me. I never let the mindsets of men in our culture stop me.

When the Lord showed me that my destiny was serving Him, everything changed in me; and I determined to do what I was born to do. I knew that it was not up to me to change the minds of men. My responsibility was to be faithful and obedient to God’s calling regardless of the circumstances, believing, investing in, and pursuing the impossible.

Years passed, but I kept the vision alive. I did all I could in order to be ready whenever the time came, aligning my life with what God had said even though everyone around me kept telling me to do something else and stop day dreaming. My family was disappointed, because they wanted me to work for the government.

Then American missionaries came. We noticed that they had a more powerful, resourceful God than we had. While we knew that God could save us, heal us, provide for us, and take care of our families, their God could do amazing things. The Americans lived in a broader realm of possibility. They could travel and do things that seemed impossible to us.

For some reason, they would notice me and would prophesy over me saying the same things God had spoken to me. Everyone at church used to shake their heads and say, “As if she needed that. She already day dreams too much”.

My pastors and leaders would come and debrief me after the missionaries left saying things like, “Well, you know that those things are not possible, right? Don’t believe them. Remember that they are Americans, and bless their hearts, they like to exaggerate sometimes, but you must be realistic. We do not want you to become disappointed later when those things do not happen”. I used to hear them but could not believe them.

I knew that what God had said was real and would come to pass somehow.

So, I positioned myself in the place of availability and in time my Father opened the doors no one else could open. God’s calling and His standing by me finally became evident, and I became the first woman to ever speak in the main Sunday service at that same church, and the leaders who could not believe and tried to shut me down, sat down to learn and receive from me.

As we minister around the world, we have sometimes run into people who are not open to women in ministry. Once someone said, “She ministers like a man and carries the authority of a man, and that is not possible.”

Yet they change as soon as they see the Holy Spirit flowing from me. I do not have to argue with them or try to convince them. The Holy Spirit deals with that. I have come to understand that being a man or a woman is not important when it comes to serving the Lord, because ministry is the Father’s business, not man’s; and we, His children, get to partake of it. It is not because of us and what we do, but it is because of who He is and what He does.

Doors for ministry opened up slowly, so I had to work for many years single and married. I had a very successful business career, which I finally left for good a year ago. For a long time I did both, but it was hard as the work of the Kingdom kept increasing. However, it took over two years for my bosses to accept my resignation, and near the end, they offered to give me the company as a gift, my inheritance, they said.

I said, “No, thank you,” because, I know my destiny. I have Kingdom inheritance and nothing, not even wealth, compares with that. During all those years doing both things, I kept focused on God’s plan for me. It was not always easy but I kept both work and ministry flowing in balance so that I would not lose sight of the goal.

Today I am living the life I was created to live, doing exactly what I was born to do just as God promised, and all those once-impossible things have become a reality. Ivan and I travel around the world as a team equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry. We also pastor a growing church. Ivan is a man of great character and authority who has always made room for me to arise next to him. Sharing our lives with our Lord is the central focus of our existence.

We live to make our Father famous and make Him smile.