Review | Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman


Renowned Christian psychologist, Dr. Kevin Leman, is a very funny story teller who is able to connect with the reader both through cases he has treated as well as the mistakes and successes of his family experience as a father and grandpa.

Uncovering the silence around the topic of sex, Dr. Leman teaches us to talk to our spouses. Dr Leman teaches each partner to individually look at their “sexual rulebook.” Some of the questions that Dr. Leman raises have to do with what the Bible says and does not say regarding sex.

Finally, Dr. Leman helps to break the silence that often prevents couples from talking about sex in marriage by injecting this book full of questions for spouses to ask each other. Sheet Music is an amazing book filled with funny stories and helpful hints that lighten the burden of talking to your spouse about this sometimes hush-hush topic. If you are looking for a gift for a bridal shower or an anniversary, or just need some help talking to your spouse about sex, give Sheet Music a read.