Are You Wearing Holy Underwear?


"Whether or not you wear it matters to God."

Did your mother warn you to always wear clean underwear lest you have an accident, wind up in the emergency room and the medical personnel see it? Mine did. The problem was that although clean, our underwear was often more “hole-y” than righteous! Some things are better kept to yourself in that hidden realm, invisible to the naked eye. Underwear is one of those things. So why would God require the fellows who ministered in the tabernacle and the temple to wear white linen boxers underneath it all? No one would see it, so why make such a big deal about it?

The holy linen underwear represents a Christian’s integrity, the way you really are in God’s eyes, at times and places when no one else sees. Whether or not you wear it matters to God. When the righteousness that God imputes to you at salvation works its way into your character, real holiness or Christ likeness develops in you. You gladly put away the sins that have once nudged you toward hell in favor of becoming like Jesus. The desire to be holy simply to please God is a definite sign that the Holy Spirit is living in you.

"God doesn’t want phonies representing Him."

Are you carrying secret sin underneath the religious façade you want everyone to see? Are you living a lie, leading a double life, hiding secrets from even those who know you best? Do you hide behind ministry to remain in denial about something so devastating that if others knew it, it would undermine their confidence in God’s ability to cleanse and deliver people from sin? If so, you are not wearing your “holy underwear” and your ability to serve as a priest, to reconcile people to God, is in serious jeopardy.

God doesn’t want phonies representing Him. He wants people who preach the message to be living it, even when no one is looking but God. That’s why before we put on any more layers of power or take on the responsibility of leadership; He wants our character to be like that of Jesus. When our foundational garment is not in place, we will use God’s power to do our own will, not His.

Perhaps this is why the devil likes to redefine “holiness” to Christians as having to do with outward things like make-up, earrings and whether or not women should wear slacks. He is afraid we will start dealing with “the big dogs” and really become holy.

So what does a person look like when he is wearing “holy underwear”? The person who is holy is transparent, willing to be himself in the presence of God and real before others. He expends no energy covering up anything, because there is nothing to hide. He is concerned about having right motives motivating his choices. He cares more about what God thinks than what people think. He chooses right at his own expense just because God is looking. His lifestyle is the ultimate expression of faith in a God that no one else can see. If necessary, he waits for God to vindicate him; and like Jesus, he is willing to die looking totally guilty having the peace of God that he is truly innocent.

At night he is able to lay his head on his pillow with a clear yet functional conscience. The next time you are tempted to lie on your income tax, to hide your serious problems from your close friends, to indulge in addictive behaviors without opening up to receiving help or to otherwise hide, remember to put on your holy underwear because God is watching to see if His love really means anything to you.

Originally Published March/April 2007 Editor Melinda Fish

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