Mentoring the Next Generation

Imagine if the Christians in this world could know who they are and why they are here. The ripple effect from these lives would be enough to change the world.

At the TACF School of Ministry, our primary mandate is to raise up and release young adults into the Kingdom of God who are trained to carry TACF’s core values: hearing God’s voice, knowing the Father’s love, being healed of life’s hurts and learning to exercise the gift of prophecy to bless other believers and to let the unbelievers know that God has them on His heart.

"Every new school is an adventure."

By the end of one five month module, each student can hear God, minister the Father’s heart through prayer ministry or through preaching, recognize their own issues, not just the issues of others, and prophesy with passion and accuracy. Every new school at the TACF School of Ministry is an adventure. Each school is different depending on the body of students who are there. And each one has its challenges, joys and sorrows; but what I do is so fulfilling that I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.


God prepared me for this assignment before I ever knew He was doing it. My father, who is not a Christian, taught me one of the greatest Kingdom messages I know: to extend unconditional grace. My father would give his children, godchildren and grandchildren a gift of some kind if we never smoked by the age of 21. (He believed in balancing the weight of peer pressure with monetary incentive!)

Throughout my teenage years, I was into everything. I partied, drank and used drugs but I never smoked cigarettes. Nevertheless, I was dreading the day my father would ask me about my vices; because I was afraid of disappointing him. By this time, however, I was coming to know Jesus and turning my life completely around; and I knew that whatever happened, the most important thing was to tell the truth. So when he asked me about smoking, I said, “No, I don’t think so.”

He said, “Do you smoke now?” I told my dad the truth, that I had not smoked cigarettes, but that I had smoked many drugs and had imbibed far too much alcohol. I also told him that in the previous six months I had stopped using both because I was coming to know Jesus.

My dad replied, “Well of course you are going to try it, but where I wanted you to be is where you are now.” Then he handed me the gift. At this point, I didn’t care about the gift at all. I stood there basking in the grace that my father had just extended to me.

"Every student needs to know the generous grace of their Father in heaven."

Isn’t that how our heavenly Father is? He knows each of us intimately and knows how He made us. Although He knows we may be curious and have a deep hunger to know who we are, He extends us His grace in order to accomplish His purpose which is winning our love and gratitude.

When I became a Christian, I said, “Just tell me the rules, and I will follow them.” Little did I know then that God didn’t have a list of rules. The Bible is not a litany of do’s and don’ts. It is a record of how God relates to people. It points the way for us to find Him and gives us the challenge to find the joy of leading others to His love. I believe that our Daddy in heaven is saying just like my earthly father said to me, “I knew the temptations that were before you, but today I hold out my gift to you because you arrived at the place where I want you to be, in My Kingdom, living abundantly, full of life, giving that life away to others.” Every student who comes through these doors needs to know the generous grace of their Father in heaven and who they are in their loving Father’s eyes.

I know God has called Gordon and me to be extenders of His grace to them. How rewarding it is to watch people make the decision to be passionate followers of Jesus! Here are the testimonies of some of them.


Ali was a tiny girl who had been orphaned at an early age. When she arrived at the school, we didn’t know if she would make it. She could not receive any affectionate touch. We are huge huggers here.

I remember the day I tried to hug her and she said, “DON’T touch me!’ So we prayed and loved on her from a distance. One day, over the strangest thing, Ali felt God speak to her for the first time. She was radically changed. As the Lord gently unpeeled her layers of defensiveness, she came to life. She began hugging all of us freely, willingly and often.

Ali went home after 5 months and immediately began to give away the love of God she had received. She jumped back into her church and began mentoring other young women while at the same time restoring her relationship with her own family.

Is she perfect? No. Does she ever have any dips or doubts? Yes! But the courage and persistence she showed and the way she is giving it away freely to others now is inspiring people to ask, “What has happened to Ali?”

"Kevin brought more joy to the School of Ministry than anyone else."

Then there was Kevin who came to the SOM hiding behind a mop of long hair. It was impossible to see his face at all. Before we even met him, as the leaders prayed over his photo, we knew that he would cut his hair when he came fully into his own.

Sure enough, three months after being here, Kevin buzzed his hair off, and in that moment, Kevin became who he was designed to be. He came out of hiding and started to live. Kevin brought more joy to the School of Ministry than perhaps anyone else I have known. His heavenly Daddy found him! Kevin has just recently returned to the UK to begin an internship with a PIH church, and we are excited to see how God uses him.

Then there is Robbie. Robert Moses Augi is what he likes to be called (who wouldn’t with such a great name?), and when he sings, watch out. All the angels in this part of the world arrive and heaven opens. It is a beautiful thing to be part of. Did you know before he came to the SoM he had never sung or led worship before?

Then there is Charlie Newell, a preacher’s son. Charlie is currently acting on Broadway and has qualified for the Screen Actors Guild after playing a part in a movie with Sean Penn. Not only is Charlie about to be famous and affect the Hollywood marketplace; but because he knows who he is, he can survive it and change the course of lives in the entertainment industry. 


The second most profound message my father taught me was the truth that I could do and be anything. This message came strongly in opposition to what I heard from my teachers at school. Many of us are afflicted with self doubt that is either confirmed by our own thoughts or confirmed by others. How many of us are so desperate to hear from our fathers, our leaders and from God Himself that we have the potential to do anything? The high point for me in training and releasing leaders is looking into someone’s eyes and telling them, “You can do it!”

"My heroes are every one of the School of Ministry students."

As the light cuts on, you can see deep down into their spirits as truth passes unbelief and fear and meets hope. God made us with the capability to do anything with Him. Our spirit knows it, and each one just needs to hear it out loud every once in a while.

My heroes are every one of the School of Ministry students. Some of you have passed through here seemingly unnoticed, some of you have passed through here with a higher profile, some of you passed through here on a bumpy road fighting all the way, some of you left, some of you left and came back to finish, some of you are transforming your part of the world by church planting and loving those around you with the Father’s love. Some of you are finishing degrees; some of you are touching lives in the marketplace.

While Jesus was on earth, He could have done anything. The “anything” that He chose to do was to call a group of people to Him, teach them, train them and release them to seek and find their destinies. The salvations, the healings, the deliverances, the larger group teachings and ministry were the Kingdom cornerstones of the mentoring process of living life with Jesus. At the School of Ministry, the students are the focus and in every aspect of a short shared time together, they experience these Kingdom cornerstones. John and Carol Arnott’s dream is to release a generation of young adults who live a life healed and ready to do what Jesus did.

Do you know someone who is able to devote five months to finding the doorway to destiny?