Soaking Through


About this time every year, I remember what it was like in 1994 when I first set foot in Toronto to visit the revival for the first time. I won’t ever forget it because the goodness and mercy of God have followed me all the days of my life since that first time. If it is true that water seeks the lowest level, perhaps that’s why His grace flowed into me. I was completely desperate. My soul was parched for the slightest drop of God’s presence. I had lived for years without being able to feel anything, but the first time I rested on the floor in Toronto, my soul began to imbibe of the well of the love of God that must had been locked in my spirit beneath a hard layer of hurt.

As I kept inviting the Holy Spirit to come, He did. Soon, He thought He could come whenever He wanted to, even when I was typing or cleaning house. The Holy Spirit turned into the friend I had always wanted Him to be.

Twelve years have passed, twelve delightful years full of the hope that is no longer deferred. My soul is consumed with passion for Jesus and my greatest delight is serving Him. God is my loving Father who I know now is “nuts about me and wants to pinch my fat little cheeks...” as I do the cheeks of my children and grandchildren.

But something new is going on lately with me. I have started noticing a fresh resurgence of the presence of God at times when I’m with other believers. On Friday night, I sat with around 20 others in our church in the prayer room just talking about the Lord, and suddenly His love started to envelop me in the same way I have always experienced while lying on the floor in my usual soaking posture.

In fact, experiencing the presence of God comes more often now when I’m on my feet, engaged with others. Could it be that there is a transition going on? Soaking in God’s love for me turned into a wonderful habit over four- teen years ago, and I now find myself loving the Lord with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength. But I am now noticing His love seeping out of me uncontrollably while I’m enjoying the presence of other people. Maybe I’ve soaked long enough for the dam in my heart to break and now the River is beginning to flow unhindered to help me love my neighbor as myself.

If this is true, I say, “Keep coming, Holy Spirit!”

What if the reality of this liquid love of God could become tangible to those we are standing near, even unbelievers? What if the Holy Spirit, issuing from the well of the indwelling Jesus Christ, would really be able to water the desert so that it begins to blossom with salvation for our lost loved ones and heal the broken hearts of others in the office at work? Could this River of love seep out into the environment and cause miracles to happen? Maybe now is the time that the God who has made Himself so real to us for over twelve years is about to reveal Himself to the world!

The thought excites me that there is a greater purpose than we imagined in this revelation of God’s love, a more tangible reality and a coming new season of grace. The lid is off and anything can happen. God is escaping from my box again and getting out of control. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved it better when God gets out of control! He tends to take over!

Originally Published November/December 2006 Editor Melinda Fish

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