Review | Save Sex by Robert & Dawn Critchley


It’s graphic and biblical and young adults will love it!

Save Sex sensitively explores the taboo subject of sexuality from a Christian perspective. With this generation, it is not enough to caution young people not to engage in it. The Church needs to talk openly about it and answer the questions young people are asking and may not be able to vocalize. Rob and Dawn Critchley open up subjects such as premarital sex, pornography, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual imprinting, sexual molestation and homosexuality to the light of God’s healing love so that young adults can learn how to manage their sexuality with purity as well as pro-actively prepare for marriage.

The book contains the story of a couple who experience the devastation that comes through sexual indiscretion. Through the lens of this story, Rob and Dawn Critchley demonstrate how the enemy set them up for disaster through dysfunctional family secrets and patterns that influenced them to make poor choices and eventually reap devastating spiritual and emotional damage.

The Critchleys then lead the reader on a pathway to healing with grace and truthful candor. They explore how to be healed of negative sexual imprinting, how to avoid temptation, how to forgive parents and previous partners and explain in detail how pornography corrupts the thought life and chips away at the ability to have “Five Dimensional Sex,” the way God created it to be. I have never read a more powerful or well-crafted book on this subject.

Save Sex is destined to become a landmark handbook and resource tool for youth groups, youth pastors and leaders as well as Christian pre-marital counselors. The Critchleys are now preparing a workbook to accompany Save Sex which will contain in-depth information and resources designed to empower the Christian young adult to receive healing from past mistakes and learn to resist the temptation that manipulates them daily.

Every young adult needs this book, and every church needs to start a “Save Sex” forum for study and dialogue on this issue. This is, after all, a River of cleansing and healing, isn’t it?