Anointed for Battle

God reveals Himself to Kevin and goes beyond his understanding creating an increasing hunger inside him for God's will to be done. 

My name is Captain Kevin Hutcheson, U.S. Navy. I am a Naval Aviator with 3,800 flight hours in the A-7 and F/A-18, and over 1,000 carrier arrested landings.

In a previous assignment, I was the Commanding Officer of a Strike/Fighter squadron forward deployed in Japan. I have spent the past 24 years fighting tyranny and injustice around the world. What I experienced on my last deployment has overshadowed every previous experience in my life.

In May 2004, I checked in to my current job as the Battle Group Operations Officer of the USS John F Kennedy Carrier Strike Group. I am on the Admiral’s staff in charge of the operations for the entire battle group, which consists of an aircraft carrier plus eight other ships with approximately 10,000 men and women.

In June 2004, we left Mayport, Florida for a six-month deployment and headed straight to Iraq. It was during this time when I started a soaking center aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, right in the middle of the Persian Gulf. I am so encouraged by the presence and power of the Lord that I have experienced on a Navy ship in the middle of the biggest spiritual battlefield in history.


While on deployment, I encouraged the chaplain to start a Pentecostal service. Our goal was to introduce the hungry sailors to the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit over the months at sea through the Word and soaking in the presence of the Lord. Soaking is so simple. Just lie down and say, "Come Holy Spirit." It is the key to unlock God's heart. You will begin to have an intimate relationship with the Lord and hear directly from Him, and you will never be the same.

Who would have thought that He would bless us all so directly in this powerful way?

The Lord blessed us in power at each meeting. One week I explained that God was as big as the box you put him in, encouraging everyone to let him be bigger than they can imagine and do more than they think. I also explained the power of unity in corporate prayer, that the Holy Spirit inhabits our praises, which are tangible. I then asked everyone to get up, and we all raised our voices to the Lord. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to take our praises and raise them to the Lord so that He would come down and “El Kabong” us. He did. We were totally wiped out!

I then proceeded to give an introduction to soaking. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to teach everybody about the intimacy you experience while soaking and why it is important. I had prepared by listening to John Arnott’s CD, "The Importance of soaking," and then it was time to get everybody marinating.

I talked about the connection with the Lord and the person of the Holy Spirit coming to you to teach you and how you can ask Him things and He will talk to you. It is all about Him and your relationship with Him. He has many servants but not many lovers. He wants you to love Him just for who He is, not for what He can do for you. You could hear a pin drop. After the teaching, we started to soak.

One of the young men was really expecting something from the Lord. He was on his face, on the floor, in nothing flat. The Lord really touched him. He said afterward that it was beautiful, that he saw himself walking on water between two boulders, talking with Jesus. Another young man said he saw Jesus on the cross.

Our worship leader was touched powerfully as well. The Lord gave her the scripture about Peter walking on water. He explained to her that Peter only began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus. He further explained that some of these young sailors have trouble in port because they take their eyes off Jesus.

Several people were blessed with visions from the Lord. They were very hungry for whatever the Lord had for them. It was so powerful and wonderful that one woman who wandered in by mistake was saved. She wept openly when she came forward and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

The presence and the power of God in the room overwhelmed us.

One of the men, an older petty officer, was lying on his side all curled up like a baby with the most wonderful grin on his face. I put my hand on his shoulder and the Holy Spirit was flowing into him. His face, although normally rough, had that awesome childlike look that people have when the Holy Spirit allows us to see people through His eyes. The look on this rough man's gentle face touched me so much that I talked to him afterwards asking if the Lord blessed him during the soaking time. He said it was the most wonderful experience he has ever had. It was as though the Lord was holding him in his arms like a baby. His experience was so wonderful that he did not want to leave that place.

We witnessed the power and person of the Holy Spirit at these services and the Lord always blessed us with His awesome presence. I spoke often about how the Lord will come to you at night when you are alone in the rack (naval term for “bed”). All you have to do is invite him by saying, "Come Holy Spirit," and He always comes!


One time a Lieutenant walked into an evening Soaking Service by mistake and had no idea what he was getting into. He just showed up in the middle of the teaching. During the time of soaking, he was experiencing manifestations, rocking back and forth. He had never heard of that, let alone experienced anything like that. As he left, he gave me a wonderful hug with tears streaming down his face.

Another sailor said that the Lord was showing him that the Chief was going to be a missionary. He just kept seeing “missionary” with the Chief’s name. It was another wonderful evening, and by the time it was over, I was pickled.

The next soaking service, the Lieutenant brought a Chief with him. I began teaching the Introduction to Soaking, as we had several new people, followed by Hearing the Voice of God. Suddenly, I began to talk about childhood experiences and how the Holy Spirit will free and heal you. I couldn't seem to get off that topic and talked about my own family experiences and how the people you trust the most have the ability to hurt you the most. The only way to free yourself is to allow God's Holy Spirit to operate within you, directing you. I spent quite a bit of time on this topic and then came back to it later.

I knew the Holy Spirit was operating through me to reach someone.

Afterwards the Chief came up to me and said that every time I put my hand on him while he was soaking, he went back into his past during the periods that he was searching for Jesus in his life. He saw how once he had found Him that he realized that he had always walked away from Jesus rather than to Him.

When the Lieutenant began his testimony, he was sitting up against the wall; but by the time it ended, he was on his back on the floor. Every time that I put my hands on him, the Lord would really plow through me into him. He said that he was having difficulty with some events that had taken place during his childhood. He said that while soaking, he saw the offenses he had experienced and they were stacked all around like the chairs in the room. Then the Lord came with a leaf blower and blew these childhood offenses off him, like a leaf blower clears off the driveway.

I explained that the Lord was taking away all those offenses, everything from his past, and was doing a deep healing in him. Once he was able to identify the offenses and forgive the offender, the Lord would be able to do a deep cleaning and healing work in him. I then explained that once you repent from sin, the Lord does remove them as far as the east is from the west. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is a powerful and effective method of sanctification. I have now seen that there is much more than salvation. God wants us to have an entire life operating in and by the Spirit of the Lord.

It was such a blessing for me to spend a quiet and private time with the Lord and with these men. The Holy Spirit moved very powerfully on these two men and their lives were changed forever.

Afterwards a young man who was visibly hungry for more mentioned that he was very interested in receiving more. I asked him if he would like to receive an impartation from the Lord right now. He said, “Absolutely yes!”

I asked two of the other ministers to come over and lay hands on him. As they put their hands on him, I put my hands in his asking the Holy Spirit to come and release the impartations that I had received from the prayers of other people such as John and Carol Arnott, Carlos Annacondia, Randy Clark and Steve and Kathy Gray. I prayed for him to receive a soaking ministry, healing gifts and words of knowledge. I prayed, “All that I have received, I freely give. Now receive, receive.”

When I said that, he collapsed onto the floor like a piano from the eighth story! It was awesome. We just kept our hands on him and the Lord continued to bless him. I asked the Lord to give him visions. The Holy Spirit was so thick on this young man and a powerful silence fell on us.

What a wonderful thing the Lord does by imparting the fullness of the Holy Spirit person to person.

Afterwards, he said the Holy Spirit took his breath away and overcame him in a wonderful way. Revival fire has been planted in him.

One of the guys had been soaking in his rack at night. He said that he feels so peaceful after soaking. He has never been able to sleep on his back before, but when he lies down and asks the Holy Spirit to come, he falls asleep and wakes up refreshed and calm.


I just want to give you a word of encouragement. God is really pouring out His Spirit on the earth. He poured Himself into the men and women of the USS John F. Kennedy who simply took the time and said, "Come, Holy Spirit." I had the privilege of inviting the Arnotts to experience soaking aboard the JFK during a dependent’s cruise in February 2005.

John and Carol experienced a day aboard an aircraft carrier. One of the highlights was watching the F/A -18’s launch and recover aboard the ship, very exciting. But the real highlight was the time we spent soaking in my stateroom together with a couple of the sailors from the soaking service followed by a worship service in the JFK Chapel with many of the sailors and family that were invited aboard. John and Carol blessed us greatly with their presence, preaching and prayer.

I thank the Lord every day for John and Carol Arnott, for teaching me how to yield to the Holy Spirit by sharing His love to the men and women aboard JFK through soaking. I personally want to let them know how much I love and appreciate them, specifically for "getting horizontal" and just letting the Lord do whatever He wants. 

Thank you so much for deeply touching my life and helping to equip me for whatever the Lord has for me. God bless you all. I love you.