Zan Reynolds Downloads a Miracle

Jesus gave us a mandate to go out into the world to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper and in turn draw people to him.

Since the launch of TACF’s Internet Premium Membership in October 2004, we have been amazed to see the power and presence of God touch people’s lives all over the world. Thanks to Premium Members who are partnering with us, we are not only seeing individual lives changed, but we are also seeing those changed individuals go out and change their communities with the love of Jesus.

This is a revival for everyone. God’s desire is to fill you with His presence, to change you with His love wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. In our desire to see this revival break out of the church and onto the streets, we have been pursuing our vision to equip the wider body of Christ outside the city of Toronto.

We realize that God has given to us exceedingly abundantly, and it is our desire to give that away, allowing ourselves to be channels through which his love can flow again and again.


During our recent Signs and Wonders Training School in January 2005, Zan Reynolds, a Premium Member from Orlando, Florida shared her testimony with us. Zan found herself in hospital, having been diagnosed with pneumonia, a heart condition and a blood clot in her lung. To make matters worse, she did not have the necessary medical insurance, which meant that she began to run up huge medical bills.

Much to Zan’s frustration and the bewilderment of the doctors, they could not understand why she was experiencing these problems.

She called the intercessors from her local church asking them to pray for her healing, but still her body showed no sign of recovery. Zan continued to experience excruciating pain in her heart and in her chest and at times even wondered whether she would survive.

As her condition remained unchanged, Zan received a vision from the Lord. Through this vision and more confirmation from another pastor’s wife, Zan discovered that a curse had been placed upon her, causing her body to be racked with sickness. Yet even after receiving this revelation and much prayer, there was still no change in her condition and the excruciating pain continued.

One evening in November, she decided to log on to Toronto on the Internet through Premium Membership to hear Todd Bentley at the Signs, Wonders and Kingdom of God conference in Toronto. As soon as she began to listen to the meeting, the power of God fell upon her and, in her own words, “Things started coming up and leaving my body.”

She was miraculously delivered from every curse and completely healed of all the sickness that had been causing such severe pain to her body. The pain instantly left her as she watched the meeting over the Internet!


For Zan, the miracle was not that Todd had prayed for her personally. No one had laid hands on her at that particular moment. Todd hadn’t even prayed for healing at that point in the meeting, yet she was supernaturally healed in an instant as the power of God touched her life.

During the time that Zan was sick, people all over the world had been praying for her. She was even placed on a world-wide prayer list for those in need of physical healing. It was all that she could do to get through the day. And yet, all it took was tuning in to watch one of the meetings broadcast over the internet through Premium Membership, and she was instantaneously healed.

When we spoke to Zan in January, she told us that Premium Membership is worth every cent to her; it has meant health, it has meant her life. For Zan, Premium Membership is vital.

Premium Membership is a vehicle that God is using to make a powerful impact on Zan’s life and also on the lives of those around her. During the Todd Bentley meeting, Zan decided to call her friends in Florida, including two of the intercessors who had been praying for her healing. She was so excited to share with them what God had done for her that she held the phone to the speaker on her computer so that they could hear for themselves over the Internet what God was doing. As they listened over the telephone, the power of God also invaded their homes.

As a Premium Member, Zan has been able to download the same Todd Bentley meeting onto her computer so that she can share the experience with those around her. It also serves as an awesome reminder of what God has done in her life.

Zan lately shared with us, “The anointing is transferable. It’s not just about a one-time experience with God. It’s about an ongoing infilling of the Holy Spirit, receiving the power and the presence of God every day, in your own home.”

Premium Membership is enabling TACF to reach even more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It enables subscribers to be able to download our meetings and watch them over and over again. But more importantly, the investment that they make as a Premium Member enables us to send out more and more teams to minister to people in places like Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Ukraine, Brazil and many other countries of the world.

Nicole Martin recently took part in our International Leaders School in Jayapura, Indonesia. For Nicole, this was an incredible opportunity to share the River of God with people whose hearts were starving for his presence. Nicole shared with us just one of the many awesome things that God did during her time in Indonesia.

“During one of our ministry sessions, a lady started to cry loudly out of deep pain. I went over to her and rested my hand on her shoulder. Because I was not able to speak Indonesian, one of the interpreters came to assist me. In broken conversation, I found out that she had been abandoned by her father at a very young age and her mother had also given her up for adoption.

Although she suffered very deep emotional wounds, God began a deep healing in her. After leading her through a prayer of forgiveness, the Father poured His love and His healing into her life. She got up from the floor later that day a changed woman.The Father is changing lives as He reveals His great love, and I am finding that it's so much fun walking in God's love and then giving it away.”

Our vision is two-fold. We want to help the body of Christ receive blessings, and we also want to equip the body to reach the world with Jesus’ love so that they can see people in their schools, colleges, workplaces and communities changed as they pour out the love of God.

Premium Members not only receive the benefits of getting equipped through watching our meetings broadcast over the Internet, they also have the opportunity of joining our training track and partnering with us as we reach the world with Jesus.

In order to implement this vision, TACF has developed a training track. It consists of different schools and seminars, designed to equip you to effectively minister the kingdom of God to your community and then the rest of the world. You can find the school or seminar nearest you by going to Our training track is not only held in Toronto but in different locations throughout North America and the rest of the world.

As well as encouraging you to reach your own community, we want to invite Premium Members to join with us, the Catch the Fire team on one of our international mission trips. People who have traveled on missions with the team have had their lives transformed. Why not consider joining us? This is an awesome opportunity for you to take your training to the next level, partnering with us in a very practical way.


By becoming a Premium Member you are able to watch our meetings broadcast over the Internet and also access the past 24 months of archived meetings and conferences to watch whenever you choose, wherever you are. You will also have the opportuniy, just like Zan, to download meetings, which simply means that you can save the meetings onto your own personal computer to watch whenever you want. 

You can choose to save and store meetings on you own computer, creating your own personal archive, making it easier for you to recieve awesome teaching from your favorite speakers over and over again. 

As a Premium Member you can also choose to watch our meetings on high quality streaming audio and video, increasing the resolution and the overall quality of the message that you receive thrugh your computer. You can watch some of our samle clips at 

Becoming a premium Member is easy. Just visit us at and follow the steps for 'Sign Up.' It will only take a few moments to complete. You will only be asked to sign up once. After this initial Sign Up process, you will be an official Premium Member and will then be required to Log In when you want to access the Premium Membership area and/or watch any of the TACF meetings. 

Through Premium Membership, thousands of people all over the world are receiving from Him and then giving it away to their communties! You don't have to be in Toronto to experience what God is doing, you can simply tune in and log on to Premium Membership at Why don't you consider partnering with us today?