God is Still Using Little Old Me


Almost ten years have passed since I went to Toronto to the small church at the end of the airport runway.

It is hard to believe the impact of this move of God around the world. I was reading a report from England recently that stated that over 55,000 churches were touched in the first year alone. I continue to hear testimonies of pastors who were transformed by the renewal and have gone forth to truly shake nations. But not only have communities and sometimes even nations been affected, my life has been powerfully changed, and I will never be the same.

It’s hard to believe that what happened in Toronto has allowed me to spread renewal to all different denominations and movements. It was the fulfillment of the earlier prophetic words spoken over my life, and seeing their fulfillment has caused my faith to explode. I realized that I was entering into my personal prophetic destiny at forty-two years old. I understood that previous empowering by the Holy Spirit in 1984, 1989, and 1993 prepared me to be “one sent.” It has given me the grace to persevere and not quit.

I now have a much larger perspective on previous moves of God.

The Lord has enabled me to meet not only some of the greatest leaders in the Church today but also great leaders from past moves of God and learn from them wisdom that I could apply in this outpouring. I now have a greater heart for His Church around the world. I have come to appreciate the ministry of prophets today because this River has thrown me together with them.

In fact, all my efforts prior to Toronto have paled in comparison to the fruit that has happened from those initial 42 days I spent in His Presence in Toronto from January through March of 1994. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I have learned is about dependence upon God, of hearing Him and being led by Him and about having a close relationship with Him.

Many things have come together to create in me a much stronger faith than I had prior to Toronto. This stronger faith, or what I call “expectation,” has greatly increased. I now much more easily expect to see powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit especially times of impartation where the anointing is transferred and His gifts begin to operate. It is this area of impartation that is the most exciting for me. Among the thousands of testimonies, I’d like to recount several significant stories here.


If you have read past issues of Spread the Fire, you don’t need much of an introduction to Heidi and Rolland Baker. They are missionaries in Mozambique and have been missionaries for over 20 years. I received a prophetic word for Heidi in Toronto about six years ago. God told me to ask her, “Do you want the country of Mozambique?”

She replied, “Yes!”

I said, “God is going to give you the nation of Mozambique. You will see the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and the dead raised.” Immediately God’s power hit her and remained on her for 7 days and nights. Since that time, they have seen about 6,000 churches planted in Mozambique from the one church they had at the time they first received that prophecy.

Another leader, Leif Hetland, you may not know about. I met him in Norway where he was to be my interpreter. At a meeting in the basement of a small missions church with about 30 other pastors, I found myself walking over to Leif and prophesying, “God is going to make you a bulldozer among the unreached people groups, especially the Muslim nations.” The power of God knocked him down where he experienced a mighty impartation of the Holy Spirit.”

That was around 1995, and since then he has become a mighty evangelist in the Islamic nations, especially Pakistan.

My friend, Jack Taylor told me he is to the Islamic nations what Rhinehard Bonke has become to Africa. Leif has led hundreds of thousands of Muslims to the Lord since that impartation. He no longer is pastoring a small Baptist church, but is leading a powerful international ministry to the Islamic nations.

Oleg was a young man no one would have expected for God to mightily use in the ministry. When we first met him in Moscow, he was at our Catch the Fire Conference where his wife was leading worship. Oleg later attended our meeting for ministers and worship leaders. He stuttered so badly that his army discharge stated “severe stutterer.” Someone on our team prophesied to him that he would become a pastor. One year later he came to our second Catch the Fire Conference in Moscow. I prayed for him and prophesied that God was going to give him a healing ministry. He was healed of his stuttering, and has since entered into a powerful healing ministry. Today he has the largest church in his city and has started several more churches. His ministry exploded when he laid hands on a child with a malformed skull who was instantly healed in front of several people.

Anibal is a pastor in Argentina who worked with Omar Cabrera. I met him in Santa Fe, Argentina at a meeting arranged by Omar, Jr. After I finished ministering to the congregation, he asked me to prophesy over approximately 50 pastors and their spouses. Reluctantly, I complied having very little confidence in myself to be able to exercise that gift. Since they didn’t understand English, I felt a little safer, knowing that Omar could filter the words if any of them seemed to be from my flesh rather than from God.

The word to Anibal was, “God has given you a unique or specific anointing that will have great impact. He will send you to the United States and many countries as well as Canada with signs and wonders. There was also something about him becoming “ a prophet of fire.”

Anibal’s friend later wrote the following about what happened after that prophecy. “After this word his life changed. He received a twenty-day visitation from the Lord. (I believe it began the next day after the prophecy.) The visitation began during prayer, an angel came with a torch of fire in his hand and put it in Anibal’s hand. Then the angel made him swallow the torch, it burned his mouth and his throat. When it reached his stomach, it created an explosion which caused him to scream and scream.

For 22 days he could not walk without being slain in the Spirit. When he tried to get up, every little sin was magnified 1000 times, he would go nights crying in God’s presence. They would have to hold him up to preach . . . then everyone in the church would fall out or fall out and laugh and laugh. In the first meeting a woman with bone cancer had her arm in a cast because it was eaten away with cancer. She was totally healed. Many miracles and signs and wonders have continued happening since.” This visitation caused a Pensacola-style revival which lasted for three months. Then Anibal was sent to every church in his stream to hold this “fire of God” revival. This man has since come to minister in the United States and to Canada. He also has been invited to preach in Europe. He told me that everything I prophesied to him has come to pass.


During the past 10 years God has opened the doors for me to minister in nearly 40 countries. My time outside the country continues to increase. Initially I was outside the United States about two weeks per year, but gradually this has increased to the place that I now minister outside the United States more than inside. However, I hope to minister more inside the United States as God opens the doors for me in my own country. I love ministering in Bible Schools, Christian colleges, universities and seminaries.

What is happening in my life now as a result of the Father’s Blessing? I am traveling about 200 days this year with 110 days of international travel. I am taking teams with me to Brazil, Ukraine, and Cambodia. My ministry is also sending several teams to Mozambique and Ghana. We work with apostolic leaders in these countries to train and equip their people for the works of ministry, especially healing and deliverance. Our teams are prophetic models of “body ministry” where every person in the church is considered a minister not just the pastors.

I am also committed to raising up interns and associates who will minister in “Power Evangelism” around the World. This too is an area that is very fulfilling and enjoyable to me. During the last two years there has been a dramatic increase in healing miracles performed through our teams. For example, during the past two years we saw over 20,000 people healed each year in Brazil during the month of September. Whereas before we seldom saw a person healed of blindness or deafness, now we are seeing literally scores being healed of blindness and multiple scores of deafness.

Another of my great joys is the commitment our ministry, Global Awakening, is making in regard to raising up young people to exercise gifts of healing and deliverance with confidence. Two years ago we took about 130 youth to the Dominican Republic. We trained them during the first week, and sent them out the second week to teach and do what they had been taught during the first week. This model of training gives information followed by impartation and immediate activation.

This year we did it again, this time in Brazil. It was so exciting to read the reports of the blind seeing, deaf hearing, and cancers disappearing when youth did all the ministering. Many people have written to us that their lives will never be the same. If you are a youth or a youth pastor, I want to invite you to come with me next year to Brazil for another Youth Power Explosion.

Even in the United States we are receiving powerful testimonies of healing from people who had rare terminal illnesses.

One man, Steve, from Englewood, Florida was told to get ready to die. He was in a hospice and had about two weeks to live when we prayed for him, and he was healed. I didn’t even recognize him when I returned to the church.

Another woman who had a rare terminal illness was healed in Rochester, New York. Kat was to expect one good year of life followed by a terrible year. God healed her at one of our meetings. Kat now travels as much as she can on our teams and loves to pray for those with terminal illness. Another woman, whose name I can’t remember, was healed in a meeting in Chicago during the past year. She had brain cancer and had had the tumor removed. It grew back in a month and was removed a second time. Again they operated, but were unable to get it all. The tumor grew back again. She came with her husband to the meeting, I prayed for her, and God healed her. The tumor disappeared and this time never grew back.

Yes, God has powerfully changed my life through what happened to me just prior to going to Toronto and by what happened to me during and after Toronto. I can’t believe that the change He created in me has had such an impact in the lives of thousands of people around the world. And I believe there are still many who will be touched by God and go forth to touch and save the souls and lives of thousands more as God keeps using “little old me-s.”