An Esther Time


I pray that by the time this issue sits in your mailbox that the war is over, evil has been routed from Iraq and an open door has been secured for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But even if it is over, there may be other battles to be won as our governments engage in conflict to secure for us the blessing of a peaceful, terror-free existence.

I believe that many people are unaware of the gravity of this season and the spiritual warfare that is ensuing in the heavenly realms as armies fight it out here on earth. Nor is it a cosmic accident that this move of the Holy Spirit preceded these events. They are all components of our “kairos” moment. Acts 17:26 says this: “From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth. And He determined the times set for them (kairos moments) and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him...”

During this move of the Spirit, the Lord has come and kissed us with the kiss of life, renewing our faith, our passion for Jesus and our love for God the Father. He has showered on us untold blessings and has made us aware once again of the eternal purposes for which we now exist on the earth. He has awakened His “Sleeping Beauty” who has been “sleeping from sorrow” over the disappointments of life. We are rather like Esther who was called out of her common existence, taken to the king’s palace and groomed for one moment when she would go before the king to win his favor. Like Esther, we have been soaking in the glory of His presence. We’re being cleansed from our old hurts. We’ve been taught to party with our King. We have won the King’s favor. But now we need to understand that the favor God has granted us is for much more than we realized. We have been partying with a purpose.

In the coming years, the Bride who has made herself ready shouldn’t underestimate the favor we have been given in this move of the Spirit. Esther enjoyed her palace life until the day her cousin, Mordecai, informed her of the plot to annihilate her people. Risking her own life and the favor she had been given by God, she walked into the king’s presence and made intercession for her nation. And she won her spiritual warfare.

After World War II while he was military governor of Japan, Gen. Douglas McArthur asked the church in America and the rest of the free world to send 3000 missionaries to Japan immediately. He saw the opportunity to secure not only the natural ground, but the spiritual ground. The Church wasn’t ready. Instead of 3000, we sent only three. In the end, this war won’t have merely been about eliminating a cruel regime and its weapons of mass destruction though that is cause enough, but I believe that God will work His plan in these terrible events. It will also be about securing an open door for the gospel to the Islamic world. I used to think the Muslim world was hopeless until I saw an imam of a London mosque get tears in his eyes at even the suggestion that God loved him. Church, let’s seize our “kairos moment,” prepare to give away this blessing and take this spiritual ground.

Originally Published August 2003. Editor Melinda Fish 

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