The Prophetic Casserole


I finished helping mother bathe, change her dressings and sank down on the sofa as she took a nap. “What am I going to fix for dinner?”

I was exhausted. At that moment, there was a knock on the front door. One of mother’s friends from her Sunday school class appeared at the front door with a delicious, homecooked dinner, beginning with asparagus soup. On that particular day I didn’t need a prophecy about the nations or about what was going to happen in my own life. I needed help.

For the next week a parade of women came to visit mother, and all of them were bearing gifts of food and flowers and what she needed most, friendship. Mother, who was fast approaching 90 years old, had survived two life- threatening surgeries by the grace of God. It was moving to see how much these women cared for her. Some of them she had known for fifty years, and they were ailing, too.

As far as I was concerned their casseroles were prophetic. The timing was perfect, as though in answer to my sigh, God read it as a prayer and prepared an answer beforehand. The gift of helps took on a prophetic dimension as each woman appeared at the door at precisely the right moment we needed her.

Do you realize that when the River flows into you, it will ignite the gifts God has planted inside you adding a prophetic dimension to them? I believe that God has sent this River for so many reasons, but one of them is to stir up the gifts inside you put there by the Holy Spirit on the day you were born again. Perhaps after being baptized in the Holy Spirit you saw a spurt of giftedness oozing from your life, but if you were as dry as I was in ‘94, anything that needed faith to operate was plugged up. Then the Holy Spirit came like a River; and one night in Toronto, lying on the floor, the pressure of God’s love blew the cap off your well and now the River is flowing again with far greater love and power.

In Numbers 11, Moses said, “I would that all God’s people were prophets; and that God would put His Spirit on each one of them...” On the day of Pentecost, He did just that, and they all began to speak with other tongues and prophesy. As the Holy Spirit comes in renewal, He will comfort the body by the gifts He bestows through each of us if we will operate in them prophetically.

In this issue I believe the Holy Spirit will inspire you as He reveals what is on the horizon for the body of Christ. Marc Dupont prophesied a word over TACF in December 2001 sharing about the coming release of God’s glory and how we can prepare ourselves to be a part of it. John Sanger shares about the trends that are emerging in society, the sound God is sounding today and how to position ourselves to hear it and respond. Trish Bootsma writes about the hidden life of anyone who is called to the prophetic ministry. What are the secrets of preparing to be used by God? John Arnott teaches about the need for prophetic words that establish vision and how to pastor prophetic ministry in the church.

The prophetic issue is intended to encourage and strengthen you with a fresh word from God. I believe if you tune your ear to hear, you will be edified.

Originally Published June/July 2002 Editor Melinda Fish 

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