The Coming Release of the Glory of God

The Lord is saying in these days that there is coming a release of the glory of God, first to His leaders and then to His church because like Moses we need to be consumed by the glory of God, to soar from glory to glory.

"His glory is coming to the nations."

The Lord says that His holiness is going to fall...The Lord is looking for those men and women who will bend the knee and toss down their crowns of authority and gifting, for those who will be caught up in the holiness of God. We are going to have a message of the joy of the Lord, but beyond that we’re going to have a message of the holiness and consuming fire of God. Just as the seraphim could take the fire of God and touch the lips of messengers like Isaiah, so these leaders who embrace the holiness of God are going to be carriers of the fire of God. In this consuming holiness of God, there will be miracles, signs and wonders.

The Bride Will Pluck The Fruit Of The Nations

It will be easy to pluck the fruit from the tree because on either side of this River there will be trees. The River comes from the throne of God. The trees will be abundant in fruit and there will be different types of fruit for every season. There will be fruit of repentance, signs and wonders and radical evangelism. Do not disbelieve. His glory is coming to the cities of the nations. His glory is coming to the nations. These nations will be given as an inheritance to His Son.

The Lord says, I have been preparing this from before the creation of the world. I have destined the bride to rise up, to dance in the harvest, to run in strength and glory, in wholeness and purity. The bride will rise up and work the harvest. Did I not say that during the times of wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes, famines and droughts, do not be deceived, do not be afraid and do not let your hearts grow cold? The gospel shall be preached to all nations and all people. At such a time as this I say to you do not let your hearts go cold. Let your heart explode with my love... Let your hearts be consumed by the person of my son Jesus.

"The fire that fell at pentecost will grow and consume the whole world."

Do not be afraid. My perfect love is going to chase out every part of fear in your hearts. Boldness will be upon you to tread upon the serpent, to tie up the lions, to go against the false lions who roar... The true Lion of the tribe of Judah is on the prowl. He is going against the false gods. Even as the Lion of the tribe of Judah overthrew in the 80’s and 90’s the false god of atheism called Communism, so now the Lion of the tribe of Judah is going against the false god of Islam. It will fall and it will fall very rapidly.

Days Of Acceleration

These days are days of acceleration. There used to be gaps of hundreds of years between revivals, then decades between revivals but now there will be a few years between revivals. This second wave is now upon you and the false god of Islam is going to fall very quickly. The harvest is coming and the bride is being raised up, prepared, matured and made holy. The grand, great, glorious and fragrant bride with the perfume of the oil of the Holy Spirit that is purified by the fire of the Holy Spirit, that is strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit. This bride is being raised up because My Son is coming back very quickly. When you look at the globe and see the complexities of problems, finances and politics, wars and rumours of wars, deceit and corruption understand that this globe will get very small in my hands, and it will be getting smaller and smaller. The fire that fell at Pentecost will fall on small meetings but then it will grow and will consume the whole world.

Those Whom God Will Use

I’m not looking to conferences or to conference speakers. I’m not looking to large programs or to sleek presentations, to the clever workings of man. I’m not looking to strategies that come out of church board meetings. I’m looking for men and women of fire from the least of them, from the 4 and 5 year-olds to 80 year-olds. There is a fresh fire, a fresh wind of the Spirit coming, and I’m going to use those from the least of them to the greatest of them. If they will humble themselves and draw near as Moses said, “I must turn aside and gaze upon this marvel,” I will re-commission them, and I will send them out. I will anoint them and re-anoint them.

"It's time to step into the holiness of realized destiny."

It will not be a laborious thing—my presence will go with them, my presence will give them rest. I say to you, for such a time as this, for such a day, an hour and a moment as this I have created you. You have a destiny upon you to whistle for the nations, not to strive for the nations, but my Spirit is whistling for the nations. The nations shall come and you shall not be consumed by the complex problems of this world, by financial problems or strategies or politics. But you shall go with the freedom and the power of abundance. I came that you might have abundance and that you might give that abundance away with the abundance of my Holy Spirit.

I have called you, and you are a people of destiny... It is time to step into the holiness of realized destiny. Holy, Holy, Holy am I, and I’m putting a burning message within you that will shake the religious beliefs of people, that will transcend the religious beliefs of Muslims, of Buddhists, of materialists, of agnostics. It will shatter their pre-conceived ideas and their vain philosophies...

Where The River Will Flow

The Lord says that just as the fire of Toronto went to the ends of the earth, and it went to Mozambique, so the fire of Mozambique is coming back to Toronto and it’s going back again to the ends of the earth.

Did I not say to you a decade ago that I would do things in Toronto that have never been experienced, revival that will bring the nations to Toronto? But now I say to you, this fire that was the River of refreshment will be a River of fire. It will go, just as it has gone, with joy to the ends of the earth. It has gone from one of the great financial centers to one of the poorest places on the face of the earth and come back. Now it will go out again.

The fires of God are upon the world. Do not say that this world is complex, that this world is big. It is just a small globe in My hands and I am breathing again. The second stage, the new form has come but now the winds of the spirit are coming and this body will have life, life like never before.

The Prevailing Spirit Of The Bride

Did I not speak to you about the sword of the spirit that will be a prevailing sword? I am giving you a prevailing spirit if you will walk in humility before me. If you will be desperate for me, if in the secret places you will be humble before Me, I will raise up a bride with humble desperation for her lover. You will not be confounded by pride, nor wrapped up in religious thoughts or religious programs, but if you will be humble before me in the secret places, I will give you the treasures of the secret places. Everywhere you will go, the treasure will be life and abundance. I do not ask for what you cannot give Me; I do not ask for things that you cannot do. I only ask for your hunger and humility.

"Where there is an increase in God's presence there is an increase of provision."

I can see the sword of the Lord with a wide double-edged blade. To wield it, the sword requires both hands on the handle. I can see the handle. It’s pure, solid gold. The Lord says that whoever holds on to this sword must be pure in heart and lay down his life. The tip of the blade and the edge of the blade can sever evil, but for the people who handle this sword, it will take their whole beings, their hearts and souls. It will take both hands. The Lord says the point of contact is for war. The sword can touch, sever and kill evil, but the handle is pure gold. It is the glory of the holiness of God that can only be handled by purity.

Glory On The Meek And Insignificant

All the problems in the world are going to shrink in the revelation of the glory of God. When there is an increase in God’s presence there is an increase of provision.

The Lord says that He had chosen this little, insignificant church on the end of the runway to start this revival to pour out His spirit, and that He has chosen the least, poorest and most desperate nation to pour out His spirit. There is a link and a bridge between the two. God will choose the foolish things to confound the wise. God began a revival in the poorest nation, a nation torn by war, flooding and corruption, intense poverty and land mines to start a revival in the whole of Africa. The move began in a small church at the end of the runway in a city that had never experienced revival and used that to begin a move that would go to the nations. God chooses the obscure, humble, out-of-the-way places and out- of-the-way people. People have said, “Why did He go to Toronto?” Because He chooses the humble. God chose an obscure place at the end of a runway in 1994. From there it went to an out of the way place in the world. Now it’s coming back again.

The Kingdom of God is breaking forth...and the Lord will bring another wave of hungry, thirsty people, and they will go with the bread of his presence.

The Lord says the days of hard work are over. We’re not going to run anymore. We’re going to ride, to mount up with the wings of eagles, to ride on the chariots of fire.