Miracles and The Awe of God


I remember the first healing miracles I ever saw. I was sitting on the platform at a meeting where a well-known husband and wife were ministering. Until this night I had been in serious doubt about the validity of the supposed “miracles” which seemed to be continually “hyped” by the color ads in Christian magazines about this couple.

The wife called everyone up for prayer who was in pain. A woman with a cold jumped to her feet hoping to receive prayer first. “Not you,” the revivalist said in what I thought to be a brash tone, “I mean real pain!” Within minutes people eased to the front whose expressions bore the resigned agony of tired perseverance. One man whose face was gray was in debilitating back pain and could hardly make his way to the front.

“Bend over and touch your toes!” the woman ordered him. I was not excited about this flavor of ministry. Why couldn’t the woman be more Christlike in her demeanor? The man bent over as instructed and began to touch his toes as the pain left his body. Within moments he was running around the room.

While I remained dubious about the man running, a woman whose stomach was obviously distended and bloated with cancer stepped forward for prayer. “In the name of Jesus, we rebuke you, Satan, and command you to loose her body from this cancer!” As fast as my eyes blinked, the woman’s stomach began to deflate as if an unseen hand were pushing the cancer from her body. The miracle seemed to happen so quickly and without any fanfare. I don’t know whether I’d been expecting a drum roll, but suddenly the color returned to her face and the pain left her body.

I was in awe. Only Jesus could have done that, and I decided right there that somehow I wanted God to give me the grace to see that happen again and again.

The scriptures indicate that there is a direct correlation between maintaining the awe of God and the continuous occurrence of signs and wonders. Acts 2:43 (NIV) describes the atmosphere pervading the early church, “And everyone kept feeling a sense of awe AND many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.”

I believe the key to seeing continuous revival and the ongoing performance of signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit is that we remain in awe of everything that He is doing. It is only when we grow tired of what He does and begin to take Him for granted that we grieve the Holy Spirit and feel that once again we are left to handle life in our own meager power.

This issue should help you maintain the awe of God’s presence that continues to be poured out and is now in its ninth year in Toronto and throughout the world. Three local church pastors describe the fresh anointing of healing signs and wonders that has settled over their churches. You will be in awe to read the testimonies of two women, Janis Chevreau and Chris Malatesta who have been instantly healed of debilitating diseases that man cannot cure. If you have friends who do not believe in Jesus Christ, why not give them a copy of this issue? Maybe it will inspire you to lay hands on others around you that this wonderful healing anointing which glorifies the Lord Jesus will spread along with the awe of God’s presence. Keep coming, Holy Spirit, we love all you are doing!

Originally Published April/May 2002 Editor Melinda Fish 

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