New Healing Revival Fire Breaks out in the British Midlands

Since 1994 we have been flowing in this new River of God’s presence. However, in recent months we have received a number of words from prophetic ministries that the Grace Centre here in Dudley, England would be a centre for healing revival, a place of joy and the outpouring of God. We are now seeing God pour out healing revival right here before our eyes with notable miracles, commitments to Christ and a new sense of the tangible presence of God. Visitors have come here to the heart of the nation from all over the country and have flown in from Europe and countries further afield to see what God is doing as He shows up in power.

How It Began

The new wave began on June 7, 2001 when Bill and Gwen Prankard from Toronto, Canada visited Dudley (near Birmingham) to minister at our weekend conference entitled “Acceleration in Healing and Revival.” Even in the first meeting there was anticipation for what God would be doing. Since 1994 we have been used to giving room to the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the meetings, but as the time for this conference arrived, we felt something new was coming our way. Bill spoke about faith coming from hearing, and hearing from the word of God. He encouraged us from New Testament stories of Jesus’ healing miracles and added that when Paul says “think on things that are of a good report,” it is to increase our faith for more of the good things that God wants to do.

That first evening, God healed arthritis and long-standing joint problems.

When it came to the time for ministry, several people responded for healing prayer. On being asked how God was moving among them, some people described a burning sensation or feeling heat in certain parts of their body. Others continued to receive more prayer while still others had no sensation at all yet could tell God had healed them instantly. That first evening, God healed arthritis and long-standing joint problems. A woman with MS testified that the heaviness and pain in her legs was subsiding after prayer. We asked her if she would like to know the God that was healing her. She said she would and became a Christian immediately. Several others responded to either recommit their lives to Christ or to come to know Him for the first time. 

The Testimonies of God’s Power

In the weeks following, the healings have increased. Rick, who has had MS for four years, was taking between 80 and 120 tablets per week for his condition. He realised after a few days following the first weekend that the MS symptoms had gone! He has taken no medication since that time and is in no pain, and his muscle tone has improved. He is sleeping fine and has not felt this well for years. He also had a spinal injury after a factory accident, and is still praying that his broken spinal cord will be completely healed.

A woman who was suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks was completely set free and has not needed her prescribed medication. On telling her doctor about the healings taking place, he replied that he would like his patients to go home with the same good reports as those attending our meetings!

We have come to love the stories of the healings, the miracles, the salvations and the prodigals returning home in prior revivals.

The ongoing meetings have served to increase faith in our hearts and to whet our appetites for God to break out further in healing and revival. During teaching sessions, Bill and Trevor shared from past revivals, including the Jefferies’ brothers and the Wesleys,’ who ministered in the Midlands area as well as Smith Wigglesworth, the healing evangelist from Sunderland. We have come to love the stories of the healings, the miracles, the salvations and the prodigals returning home in prior revivals. We are also amazed at the eccentricities of those anointed by God, such as Wigglesworth who used to thump people as he saw them healed! When we learn that these things have taken place before, or in a nation other than our own, we have no problem naming such an evident move of God a “revival.” We soon came to realize that the history of revival was remarkably similar to what was happening here in our meetings and what is starting to occur in our everyday lives. We are bold enough to say it is a revival and trust that God will grant us lasting fruit of changed lives and healed bodies for His glory. 

After three weeks of nightly meetings with many responses to the call for salvation and with many receiving healings, we held a “Father Heart Conference” in the Grace Centre. We needed to find an answer to the question, how does this healing revival fit with the message of the Father’s love? We need not have been concerned.

Some of those praying, let alone those receiving, could hardly remain standing because of the awesome sense of the presence of God.

Visitors who just stayed on for more were hungry to receive teaching three mornings each week in our school of missions. So after a few weeks of morning teachings on healing, new visiting speakers James and Denise Jordan from New Zealand came and ran these morning sessions with teaching on the Father’s heart. In the evenings we continued with the healing revival meetings, with the message of the Father’s love still coming through. By the Thursday evening, we felt God was leading us to have an anointing service for people to receive prayer for a double anointing of the Father’s heart for His church and the Father’s heart for the harvest of souls. James, Denise, Bill and Trevor poured vials of oil together and prayed that a further outpouring of the two anointings would be poured out. Members of the prayer ministry team began to pray that those who had known only that sense of the Father Heart for them personally in renewal, would move forward to know His heart for revival and that the harvest would be gathered in throughout the nations of the world. This was a powerful anointing and some of those praying, let alone those receiving, could hardly remain standing because of the awesome sense of the presence of God.

The meetings continued until around midnight almost every evening. People didn’t want to go home, but just wanted to stay in the atmosphere of worship, healing and the presence of God. New Christians have been born into this experience of God’s powerful presence and love it. Many from various denominations have visited to receive healing and enter into a deeper commitment to Christ. We started to tell a few of our friends what has been happening here and have been encouraged to continue with the meetings.

John Arnott heard about the moving of the Spirit and called to volunteer to help add some fuel to the fire. The Lord healed more people during those meetings, and people gave testimony to God setting them free. So far we have seen three people set free of MS, many more healed of arthritis, broken bones, sprains, joint problems, sight problems. Growths have shrunk and disappeared, backs have been healed, and skin disorders righted. These are the ones we have heard about; undoubtedly there are others. We are asking all those who have been healed to write down what God has done and get it checked out with their doctors.

We have begun an Alpha course for those who have made commitments to Christ. Many are young men from a background of broken homes and addiction. They are on fire for God and are receiving encouragement and support to keep them going for God.

We have also discovered that this anointing for healing revival is transferable. A local Christian leader was speaking one Sunday and praying for the sick. He then asked each person what had happened. One lady testified that God had healed her shoulder, which had been frozen and painful for the last 6 months or so. Praise God! We have also spoken at other churches over this five-week period and have seen very similar responses with first time salvations and recommitments to Christ as well as significant healings taking place.

Since the outbreak of this new stream of healing and the Father’s love, we are continuing with Friday night renewal meetings, Sunday mornings and conferences once a month, inviting the Holy Spirit to come in all our meetings. We are continuously confounded at the display of His grace!