Healing and Intimacy With the Father

For many years I had been hungering and thirsting to be satisfied with more of God, but after years in the ministry I felt more like the Samaritan woman at the well — still thirsty. The day before we left for Toronto last year, I became desperate for God. I was hungry and thirsty as never before with expectation to hear words like that Samaritan woman heard from Jesus, “I who speak unto you am He.” I did not care about the criticism. I was only concerned with receiving from God.

I was not disappointed. For days I lay on the floor in Toronto electrified with currents of Holy Ghost voltage running through my body that almost lifted me off the floor. I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit as never before. It was as though a dam had burst open within me. My wife and I were both consumed with Rivers of joy and laughter which we could not contain! We both experienced the love of our Heavenly Father, and it was as if we had been born again. We fell in love with each other again. It was a first love experience with God and my wife. (When she is drunk in the Spirit, she is so beautiful!)

As I stay filled with the Holy Spirit's new wine, its effects on us are powerful.

Seven months before, God had spoken to me while I was in Cuba on a mission trip as I prayed every morning, “Arturo, I want intimacy with you.” I had been listening to my friend, Duane Tracey, speak about intimacy with God with other mission team members. I knew that he had experienced what I wanted and needed from God. Seven months later we met John Arnott in Cuba on a ministry trip. As I was around Pastor Arnott, it seemed that he was carrying an anointing of the love of Jesus that was so real. A month later as we were in Toronto, we began to experience this deep love of our Heavenly Father, too.

For the last ten years my wife and I have sustained ministries in Nicaragua and Cuba. The people of these two nations have profound open wounds from lack of experiencing a father’s love. In Toronto we discovered that only the love of the Heavenly Father and His blessing in their lives can bring true reconciliation and restoration to them. They do not need another religious program; they only need to know the heart of the Father. Now I no longer have to strive in the work of the ministry. He loves me. As I stay filled with the Holy Spirit’s new wine, its effects on us are powerful bringing new life to our marriage, family, ministry and relationships.

When We Got Home

At the first service after we arrived home from Toronto, my wife preached and an outpouring of God’s presence invaded the orphanage sanctuary where we conducted our first meeting. The River of joy came as she shared about our experience in Toronto. It was like Isaiah 41:3, “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring.” For the next four hours people fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. They had to carry people home that night because they were so drunk in the Holy Spirit.

People prayed and praised God for hours.

The following night we had another service and many testified of healings, laughter and drunkenness, and so many testified that they felt closer to God than ever before. People prayed and praised God for hours and the same experience of the previous night extended until 4 A.M. the next morning.

Fruit Of Healing, Signs And Wonders

Then people began to testify of the fruit of God’s renewed presence in their lives. A young sister from the church who had a dislocated vertebra and was going to have surgery the following week was miraculously healed after the Holy Spirit fell on her causing her to laugh and shout with joy for several hours. One leg had been two centimeters longer than the other; and it came into alignment with the other. Her flat foot condition also disappeared.

In the subsequent days, I traveled to visit our missionaries in the Intibuca province of Honduras. My wife stayed behind to direct a joint service of pastors from several cities in Nicaragua. When Carol Arnott prayed for Maria Luisa in Toronto, I believe she imparted her anointing into my wife. Now the Lord is using her in powerful revival services with healing, preaching and deliverance, signs and wonders following. At the joint pastors meeting, reports came back of churches in other cities of Nicaragua being set on fire as they returned home from that meeting.

Now the church there is experiencing the Father’s love and Blessing and is swimming in the River of joy.

In the city of Leon, the pastors prayed for two people with intestinal cancer who were sent home from the hospital terminally ill and incurable. They were immediately and miraculously healed. Another sister from the same church had an unbelieving husband with prostate cancer. After hearing about what God was doing at the local church, he attended a service, received prayer and was also immediately and miraculously healed of the cancer. Now the church there is experiencing the Father’s love and Blessing and is swimming in the River of joy, drinking new wine in the love of the Heavenly Father.

God has restored all the relationships in our church. Married couples are more in love with the Father and with each other. One couple who had marriage problems was totally restored and God is using them in the gift of healing. One woman they prayed for was 82 years old, their neighbor’s grandmother, and had been sent home from the hospital to die. Her family had bought the casket, opened the hole in the cemetery and had bought the food for the wake. When their neighbor asked the couple to pray for her, they did. After they prayed, she got up and was immediately healed. On Sunday the woman walked eight blocks to the church service to give testimony of her miraculous healing.

In another service, one of the children in our orphanage in Managua who had been born with both feet pointed inward and who dragged his feet when he walked was filled with the Holy Spirit. As he was filled with the Spirit and the love and joy of the Father, he got up off the floor walking with his feet totally healed.

The children now pursue the heart of their Heavenly Father.

A new convert in the renewal named Joann asked the associate pastor one morning to pray for her aunt during the evening service because she was terminally ill in the hospital. She had undergone surgery and had massive internal bleeding and infection. Her lungs were also filled with fluid. The doctors had diagnosed her changes of living as impossible. That night we prayed for her during the service. The following day Joann visited the pastor’s home to report that her aunt was totally healed and walking about at the hospital.

The pastors of the orphanage have a four-year-old son named Joshua. His parents and many of the children at the orphanage have been covered in heavenly “gold dust” during their daily morning devotions. Joshua wanted to have his own personal experience with the Holy Spirit. He prayed daily for his blessing and one morning he woke up totally covered in heavenly “gold dust” and began to shout praises to God.

During many services the children experience joy and laughter in the Holy Ghost. The children now pursue the heart of their Heavenly Father for He has filled their hearts with a love that they did not know as orphans.

The Powerful Presence Of God

We are seeing services where the outpouring has been so strong that most of the church is under the power of God on the floor. After our evening services because of the strong presence of God and the various manifestations, the neighborhood immediately surrounding the church building is in total silence because there is an awareness of God’s presence.

Several gang members gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

However, one evening a young man in our church who had serious doubts about the Father’s Blessing was baptized in the Holy Ghost during a youth service. He broke out in joy and laughter for about two hours. On his way home a local gang assaulted him with knives and a handgun. With his newfound boldness in the Spirit he said, “Don’t you know that you are assaulting a child of God?”

Immediately one of the assailants said, “Please forgive me. I’m backslidden.” He threw down his eight-inch switchblade and said to the others, “It’s better that we leave this guy alone because we could be fighting against God Himself.” The brother from the church then told them about what God had just done in his life at the youth service and several of the gang members gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

We want Cuba and Nicaragua to experience the Father’s love in their lives. We will pursue intimacy with the Father so that His character and love will be formed in us.