The All-New TACF School of Ministry


The revival we are experiencing in the Christian church at this time in our history has resulted in millions of lives being touched. Multitudes are moving into deeper intimacy with the Father and finding themselves delivered from the bondages of the enemy.

Our school of ministry has been born and is now growing and maturing. 

Many schools of ministry have been born out of past revivals all over the world. Out of the revival here at TACF, our own school of ministry has been born and is now growing and maturing. The TACF School of Ministry originally began as a five-month program in September 1995. Since that time, nearly 900 students have passed through its doors to take advantage of its study modules. What began as a five-month school has now grown into much more.

New Changes

In September 2000, TACF launched Spirit Ablaze Bible Institute which has proved successful as well. Now a year later we are combining Spirit Ablaze Bible Institute (SABI) together with TACF School of Ministry creating one school with one student body. We believe this serves to help us achieve our goal to both equip and release people into ministry by giving students ministry tools and preparing their hearts to be gracious, kingdom-minded ministers.

This new school, re-launched in September 2001, will retain the TACF School of Ministry name and will be a modular school offering many options. The original School of Ministry five- month program remains unchanged except for a change of name to “School of the Heart” and becomes the cornerstone of the school, preparing the hearts of people for ministry. Laying a foundation of love for God and love for others.

Spirit Ablaze Bible Institute is now enfolded into the TACF School of Ministry as the School of Biblical Studies module. This will become a one-year, 3 semester module that will include essential Bible courses that are full of life and inspiration. These courses will provide the student with a solid foundation of revelation and understanding of scripture that will cause the students to understand what they believe and why.

Our goal is to ensure that every course of study that is offered brings life to the students by helping them grow personally in their relationship with God. A fervent passion to go and bless others in some form of ministry will inevitably proceed out of that renewed relationship with the Father.

What About Putting My Training Into Practice?

In the future we want to be able offer more modules to help people focus on the area of ministry they are called to. Once a student graduates from TACF School of Ministry we do not want that to be the end of their training and to this end we are developing mechanisms that are designed to facilitate the graduate with ongoing practical ministry experience. We believe very strongly that it is important for students to have the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned by putting it into practice. To date we are able to provide ongoing ministry opportunities for graduates with our Graduate Ministry Teams. These teams go out in the same way as the School of the Heart teams do, to churches and ministries for extended times of ministry from one to four weeks in duration. These teams can support the ministry of TACF associates (itinerants) or minister in their own right.

We had a very successful graduate team ministry for three weeks in March 2001 in Bath, England with John and Carol Arnott. The learning experience for the graduates as well as the contribution they made to the mission was tremendous and filled us with faith and confidence to see many more opportunities in the future. We have also instituted an internship program that takes graduates of the school and places them in Partners in Harvest churches, furthering the opportunity for graduates to grow in ministry experience while at the same time providing the church with help.

The Leaders’ School

A very exciting addition to the School of Ministry is the one-month Leaders’ School. This is a month in which five of the core teachings of the five-month School of the Heart are consolidated into one-month with soaking and ministry. It is a time for leaders in full- time ministry to come to receive and soak in the presence of God experiencing all that God is doing in Toronto at this time.

We have now had three of these schools at TACF running every July since 1999 with nearly 200 pastors and leaders finding refreshed vision and healing in the presence of God. Because of the increasing demand for the Leaders’ School, and our heart to see the leaders healed and restored in the Father’s love, we are expanding our Leaders’ School to run twice each year, every January and July.

The Five Modules

As of September 2001, TACF School of Ministry is made up of 5 modules: “School of the Heart,” “School of Biblical Studies,” “Leaders’ School,” “Internship Program” and “Graduate Ministry Teams” all running under one administration and all flowing with one heart and vision. All the students are together as one body, yet are able to focus on their area of calling.

Do I Have To Take All Five Modules?

Apart from the graduate modules, any of the schools can be taken in their own right. It is our heart however that a student would combine these modules together into a two-year course of study and experience that will earn him or her a Diploma in Ministry.

As revival brings more and more people into the Kingdom of God, there is a great need to raise up young people to be leaders in the body of Christ. The future of the church is in the hands of the generation that follows us. It is imperative that these future leaders have much more than knowledge of God but also a deep experience of the love of God that can be imparted to others.