Fruit of The Kingdom


God is doing good things! The following statistics are gleaned from a 1995 research study entitled:

By Their Fruits: A Sociological Assessment of the Toronto Blessing, by Dr. Margaret Poloma, University of Akron, Ohio.

At the time of her study, TACF had hosted 250,000 first-time visitors, with a cumulative attendance in excess of 700,000. More than 30,000 pastors from around the world had received encouragement, hope and power from God through TACF, and brought God's blessing back to their own communities.

This is an assessment of the fruit of renewal in their lives:

An overwhelming majority reported an increase in evangelistic fervour more than 90 percent reported knowing the Father's love in a new way.

88 percent claimed that they were more in love with their spouses. 

More than 80 percent talked about Jesus to others more than before. 

More than three quarters claimed to have experienced inner healing 71 percent said their church has experienced positive benefits from their visit to TACF.

69 percent claimed family and friends had observed changes in them. 

34 percent were more involved in works of mercy.

17 percent reported physical healings.

Countless testified to lives, families and churches being renewed.

At the time of Dr. Poloma's 1997 follow-up study, TACF had seen more than 600,000 first-time visitors with cumulative attendance more than 2,000,000. In this most recent report entitled, Inspecting The Fruit, she presents detailed results indicating that "renewal has indeed changed lives." She writes: "The renewal has been a source of a deeper relationship with God for nearly all respondents, has been a factor in emotional, relational, mental and physical healing, and has empowered many to reach out in new ministry and service...For those who have not yet become involved, the findings hopefully will provide an incentive to taste of the renewal and to join with those who are proclaiming the goodness of the Lord experienced through the Father's Blessing."

Dr. Poloma's most recent findings show:

A shift in expression of physical manifestations from '95 to '97. 

A decrease in laughter and being drunk in the Spirit.

An increase in weeping. 

An increase in other bodily and audible manifestations.

Different emotional responses attached to selected salient manifestation manifestations and emotional responses are widely varied responses are not due to hypnosis or suggestibility overwhelming positive emotional expressions of love, peace, joy and gratitude are reported after visits to TACF more than nine out of ten experienced a positive change in their relationship with God as a result of the renewal. 

89 percent experienced a positive change in their marital relationships.

Experiences of spiritual healing and inner (emotional) healing. demonstrate increases in outreach, service, empowerment, prophetic gifting, deliverance, healing ministry, giving to missions, offering personal assistance to others, works of mercy, and leading others to Christ. 

Higher levels of manifestations (although not any particular manifestation) are related to reported increases in empowerment, but not outreach.

The vast majority (94 percent) of '95 respondents are still actively involved in the renewal.

94 percent are more sure than ever that their experiences of God are real only 6 percent of visitors reported the renewal passed them by without touching them. 

82 percent believe the best is yet to come.

"The vast majority of respondents who insisted that the renewal is not over that the best is yet to come may be right," offers Dr. Poloma. "I suspect, however, that what is to come will not match our preconceptions any more than Bethlehem, Nazareth and Calvary matched the expectations of the Jews for the long-awaited Messiah."

Dr. Poloma relates an experience of her own when her preconceptions about the renewal were not being met:

"I was preparing to 'back off.' One evening I was sitting in the middle of (appropriately) a prophetic conference, silently asking God what He wanted of me. A woman (I have no idea who she was I didn't even open my eyes) came over to where I was sitting, and said over and over again, 'Don't stop now. Don't stop now. Don't stop now,' departing swiftly and silently after she relayed this simple message. I believe God is speaking a similar word to each of us who are already involved in this great Blessing. After having put our hand to this plough, may we persevere with faith, hope, and love. God's best is yet to come!"