God's Boot Camp

I was leading worship as usual in our new church at Cleveland, Ohio, when suddenly I felt heavy weeping well within me. It was irresistible! I told the congregation that we would do something different. Instead of breaking into small groups to pray for one another, we’d pray for me. As I spoke, the weeping hit me, and scores of people surrounded me to pray.

I lay on the floor, wondering, “Why am I crying?” Then I remembered that the previous Thursday in Kansas City I had heard Paul Cain preach on the “Anointing of Weeping.” I had been emotionless at the time, but Paul assured us that many have been struck later on a Sunday morning. This was my time. Soon many others joined me at the front, also weeping. What did it all mean?

“How does the Holy Spirit look when He comes?”

Weeping has begun to surface in preaching again. Steve Hill of Pensacola weeps often in his messages appealing to the lost. I’m sure that this is not now a “Weeping Revival,” but rather an awakening of the soul of a sleeping Church. Laughter, weeping, fear of God, and boldness are emerging in unprecedented intensity. We have entered a “boot camp,” of emotional and spiritual training. I believe that this will continue in our lives for some time.

Tony Cavener, a prophetic friend of mine who pastors a church in Atlanta, recently sent me a prophetic word which I thought might be helpful in understanding the events of these times.

A coming “Holy War” over oil, Tony said, was to be fought in the Church. The battle would be over the “oil” of the Holy Spirit. The Body of Christ would debate questions like: How does the Spirit move? What is His presence like? Does He administrate the Church or does man? How does the Holy Spirit look when He comes?

It appears that this war over the “oil” of the Holy Spirit is already in process. Since the late ‘80s I too have been receiving “words” from the Lord concerning a coming “Holy War” over oil to be fought in the ‘90s. I have had enough experience with the prophetic to know that these words could be received on two levels — the natural and the supernatural. As storm clouds developed over the Persian Gulf in ‘89, I asked the Lord for revelation on this coming “Holy War.” I also enquired as to its meaning.

“The supernatural lesson is simple. Air superiority parallels prayer superiority.”

God’s response continues to have an impact on me to this day. The Lord told me to watch the Gulf War and learn the lesson about the supernatural that the natural reveals. Not all nations were involved, but a “coalition” of like-minded nations joined up for the duration. They agreed to support one another and fight as one. They did not engage the enemy on his terms, they decided to fight the battle in the air. The battle lasted several months. By the time ground troops were released into battle, only a “mopping up” operation was left. The relentless “air” attacks had brought the enemy to his knees.

The supernatural lesson is simple. Air superiority parallels “prayer superiority.” We won’t win the “Holy War” over oil by engaging the enemy (Satan) on his terms, brother fighting broth- er, answering critics, engaging in ground level skirmishes, etc. We’ll win the war with “prayer superiority” not through a struggle against flesh and blood.

The key is not in the strength of our ground troops, but in the power of “prayer superiority” as we engage in continual intercession and worship, bringing our prayers continually before the throne of grace and crying out for the harvest and revival in the Church. Just as in the Persian Gulf War, not everyone will join the action, but the coalition that came together was strong enough to defeat the enemy.

Now as in no other time of Church history, revival is happening on a global scale. It is time to bring forth the coalition of the Spirit and the Bride and gain the “prayer superiority” so the groundwork’s of the harvest can carry out the glorious “mopping up” work of ingathering.

Weeping seems to be one more step in God preparing His people emotionally for the Holy War. Tears release a passion to see His victory.