Worship | A Key to the Kingdom

What is better than worship and intercession? Combining them releases an even greater work of the Spirit.

Intercession through worship is in fact, a key to the kingdom of God. John Alley, a pastor from Australia who visited TACF said that he had a dream in which he was selecting slides for a worship service. Each slide had a little satchel of money attached to it. When he awoke he asked the Lord what the dream meant. The Lord told him that he had forgotten the integral relationship between worship and intercession, and reminded him that “worship is one of the keys to the treasury of heaven.”


Worship intercession brings us into the very throne room of God. It carries us into the atmosphere of heaven and opens God’s heart to reveal His will for our own lives, for others, and for the nations. Like a breeze that carries the sweet fragrance of incense, so worship lifts our prayers into the heavenlies before God’s throne. We present our requests to him, and as we worship or wait in silence, we hear from Him. If we have heard from Him, we know that our prayers are answered.


Worship also brings the presence of God on the scene, and by its very nature tends to repel and expel the darkness of the enemy. Intercessors can therefore use songs as weapons of warfare.

Intercessor Cindy Jacobs, in her book, possessing the Gates of the Enemy, shares a story of what happened through a church in Oakland, CA, as a result of worship intercession:

“Shiloh Christian Fellowship had always been a worshipping church, and the members believed earnestly in the power of worship to bind the enemy. They did not realize how the word had gotten around about their worship until one day when they received an invitation from the Oakland Police Department to go into an area of Oakland which was infested with drug lords, pimps and prostitutes.

“Working with the police, they marked off an area of the street to have a block party. They planned to give away clothes, cook hot dogs, worship God according to Psalm 149, and then preach an evangelistic message.

“The church went back for three Saturdays in a row. The results were incredible. In fact, the police told the media about the parties and reported the results in the newspaper. According to the police reports, 70 percent of the drug lords moved out of the area after the parties.”

The church later ministered in many other troubled areas of Oakland to defeat the enemy through intercessory prayer.


Intercession through worship can result in freedom from oppression for others as we stand in the gap for them so they can be delivered. Another example of Cindy Jacob’s book illustrates this:

“It was the end of a powerful meeting for women. The seminar was about to come to a close when a woman came forward and requested prayer. Tears streamed down her face as she told of a serious problem with depression and hospitalization.

“The ministers gathered around her and started to pray. They prayed and prayed yet there was no breakthrough. The woman still felt horrible oppression on her mind. All of a sudden the leader of the conference sent for a worshipper to come forward. This worshipper began to lead the group in intercessory praise or praise warfare, as some call it. Cindy went to the piano and they began a type of warfare that is becoming quite frequent in prayer groups today warring against the works of Satan by worshipping the Lord. This is certainly not a new means of intercession, as we have much biblical precedent, but it is one that is largely overlooked in many circles of prayer.

“The women in the seminar stood to their feet. They sang; they clapped, they shouted, until suddenly the woman for whom they were praying began to weep and related that the oppression had completely left her mind. It was as though a cloud had lifted and for the first time in years her thoughts were clear.”


Intercession through worship can bring healing. During the August ’96 Healing School conference at TACF worship became so intense that the speaker, Ian Andrews said he wouldn’t share a message because a strong healing anointing had come during praise and worship. Everyone continued to worship, and many reported healings at the end of the meeting.


Praise and worship are mighty spiritual weapons by which we can displace the enemy and pull down strongholds. As we line up with God’s will and take ground in worship, we retake the place that Satan had usurped in the heavenlies.

Every prayer meeting therefore should be sprinkled with prayer. One without the other is incomplete. Greg Mira of Frontline Ministries in Houston, Texas, believes that worship and prayer are two edges of a sword which is powerful beyond our expectations. He says that if we believe prayer to be more spiritual than worship, or worship to be more satisfying than prayer, then we remain ineffective in using either of these spiritual weapons.

Let’s choose today to come into a place of much greater effectiveness through our prayers. Give worship intercession a place in your prayer time.


Worship when it’s released is a force noted Suzette Hattingh, an intercessor with Reinhard Bonnke Ministries for 16 years.

At TACF’s recent intercessors’ conference, in response to a question about what God is doing among His people right now, she said: “Reinhard Bonnke taught me a wonderful lesson that changed my life.”

She said that she had heard of a revival somewhere, and desiring a fresh touch of God, sought permission of her employer to go. “You don’t need to go,” he answered and explained with an illustration.

He said an ocean wave travels great distances underwater but when it comes near to shore it suddenly breaks the surface; crests, rolls unto shore, and diminishes.

He compared revivals to waves. Many have crested and some have broken on the shore: the healing movement, the Charismatic movement, the faith movement, Argentina, Africa, England, Toronto, Pensacola. We tend to ride the crest of each revival wave, and follow it to its destiny on the seashore. If we stay there, we begin to dry out.

But in the depths of the ocean there is another wave swelling just below the surface. Unless we run back into the water and swim hard into the next wave, we’ll dry up, Bonnke told her.

Each revival wave carries us deeper into intimacy with God, but to maintain it we need to pursue continuous fellowship with Him on a personal level. To experience the next wave we need to swim back into the depth of intimacy with God that we experienced on the crest of the previous wave. This deepening of closeness comes through worship and prayer.

“I had a deepening in spirit here in June ’94 in Toronto, but I had to work to maintain it” said Hattingh. “What’s God doing? All over the world He is calling the Church to fast and pray. In other words, He is calling us to swim back and find the next wave. The next wave will be prayed in.”

We need to stay in worship and prayer exhorts Hattingh. Eighty five percent of her prayer time is worship. Hattingh says most believers enter through the gates of praise and thanksgiving in celebration but few continue into the depths of intimacy with worship that transport believers into the throne room of God. She perceives that God is changing worship in the Church and that worship will increasingly take on a more significant role in God’s economy as a spiritual force.