Learning Together


Friends, this is your newsletter! It exists to serve you and meet your needs. Questions, concerns and discussions arise as we struggle to learn how God would have us manage this great, renewing work of His Spirit. There are few experts among us who can give clear direction on questions like:

“How do you discern what's of God and what's not;”

“How do you minister to those who find it hard to receive;”

“Can you avoid division in the congregation.”

On the other hand, praise reports, testimonies and stories of what God is doing abound. All it takes is for us to say, “Not my will Lord, but yours. Use me.”

If we all share our resources and the fruit of our experience, we can learn together. This is the desire of my heart. I believe I am responding to God's leading in creating this vehicle for networking and sharing. By the same token, I call on you. I invite you, please write to us! Send us news items, information on publications, feature story ideas, and questions on concerns and issues. Tell us about problems that arise, send announcements, renewal related advertising (write for a rate schedule) and testimonies. We'll all benefit if you contribute.

Please direct your communications to SPREAD THE FIRE, at our new Toronto address or fax number. May God bless you in ‘95!

Originally Published January/February 1995 Editor John Arnott.

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